Pressing X to Ellen in Beyond: Two Souls


You must be 6 years old.


"Beyond: Two Soul[s]"


But I like Ellen Page so I give it 5 Stars automatically.


why? Beyond had shooting segments as well, and it's a lot worse than the shooting in CoD.

Cod have a more coherent plot than Beyond (it's simple, but at least reasonable and told directly and honestly, unlike Beyond).
CoD actually have gameplay, Beyond doesn't.
CoD doesn't play itself if you put the controller down, Beyond does.
etc' etc'.
the whole 'CoD argument' is getting weaker as the years go by.


by the way, i'm a du­mba­ss.


Another great review Tom. If I wanted a mediocre narrative experience I would go to my local book store and buy a 1 dollar piece of popcorn Scifi. Thanks for saving me money.


David cage is a deluded wanker


Your argument is firstly invalid as the score you have quoted were not awarded. Tom uses a 5 star system , Metacritic incorrectly adjusts these to fit into their scheme. Please take the time to read Toms reviews past and present and I'll think you'll find that they are simply Tom's opinions on said titles. I don't personally agree with many of the scores but quite often its the text in the review that gives the most detail as to whether the game is good or not.


Wow, your tone in this response is refreshing. While I know Beyond Two Souls game deserved harsh opinionated criticism from your experience, I would have liked to see this more objective "This only works for certain people" reflected as well somewhere in the review, I don't know if that political correctness goes against the theme here, but I appreciate you highlighting your downsides of this game. All perspectives are important and so while I came here to read why this game has pitfalls, it's also redeeming redeeming to me to see that you are reading responses to your review and detailing it out more here about feedback objectively.


Beyond is a 5/10 at best

Typical COD game is a 6.


Incredible....I didn't play this game because of reviews....I bought it two days ago the best thing I have played in GTA 5 TLOU...but we dont have this kind of games frequently...or you love it or hate it....I even cry in some totally emotional...I enjoyed it even more than TLOU....all reviews are mixed...I am a strong gamer...I've play Zelda....Mario...Fifa...Callid duty....Skyrim...I mean...all kinds of thats why Im not going to say nothing against critics....But few games deserve to be played like a graphic novel...its many games do we have like this....


Youre totally right....many games overrated...this is a master piece


We should have honest and objective reviewers...thats why we have scores like this that affect an entire masterplace.... I loved GTA 5....but I got bored soon....TLOU was much better...but Beyond two souls is...whoawww...I real gamers are diying cause of COD


I dont think so...they are different games...I like call of duty...but honestly I prefer Beyond two souls...That you dont like it is ok....but dont criticise just because of your preferences... we need objective reviewers...


Agreed, Barnes over at Nohighscores is exactly the same.


When people are going to understand they are different....this is a graphic novel....till you get this you wont be objective....Uff well At least I know Im playing one of the best games ever a sin to be different...well at least Im not one of the bunch of people who play....COD every year....the same game every year


I could be wrong, but one star out of five equals 20% out of 100, does it not? How is Metacritic "incorrectly adjusting" the score? Would five out of five stars not equal 100%? I'd love to hear your explanation.

And yes, I agree that Tom's reviews contain his opinions...but often they differ drastically from the norm, which makes me question whether he's doing this for the traffic/attention, or if he's just naturally extremely overcritical.


It's been said before, but it's subjective. I rented this from red box on release day only knowing that it was made by the same dude as Heavy Rain, nothing else. I played for about 2 hours and returned it. It didn't grab me and it was boring. That said, i actually finished and enjoyed Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit...alright, fahrenheit not so much :- )


played through the game finally this past week. even went for a couple different endings. and I can't help but agree with your review for the most part. you definitely ratcheted up your snark-meter to the max, but the core of your criticism is spot on.

I think what engenders such passionate criticism of this title is the potential it seemed to be reaching for. there is a lot of AAA production going on in here. lots of talent. excellent sound design. some pretty impressive graphics at times. but my goodness, if it all could ever have been more ham-handedly harnessed. this is very middle-brow fare coming from a team ostensibly reaching for the sublime. had this been made to be an ironic and campy summer action suspense drama, it would have been far more effective and self aware. but instead it was so very awkwardly serious, and there is no doubt that the drama is superficial at best.

one star is a rough score. I would say everyone should still play it and experience it. it's a milestone game. but hopefully a stepping stone to something much much better...


Clearly everybody, especially the writer of this review, seriously missed the idea of this game. It's supposed to be a movie, or experience, not an action adventure game. After playing such an in depth game like GTA5, it's nice to site back and control a movie that has incredible graphics and voice acting behind it. This game borders on revolutionary as far what it sets out to achieve, it accomplishes completely. Not liking this game because of the controls, or "limited" gameplay is like not liking COD because you have to fire guns and reload.