Pressing X to Ellen in Beyond: Two Souls


It seems to me to be a perfectly legitimate criticism of Call of Duty that you don't like shooting people, in the same way that it seems to me to be a perfectly legitimate criticism of this game to say that you don't like the non-interactivity.




Quantic Dream is no less 'independant' than Telltale...


Yes you are, stupiddumbfuks.


If that's the case there's other games you'd enjoy more. No one goes into a COD game with the idea that it isn't a shooter. The same applies to the type of interactive story games that David Cage or developers like Telltale create.


Sure, but that doesn't make Tom's opinion less valid. (For the record, I think I might be even more militant than him about these low-interactivity games.) I would be more surprised if somebody abstained from reviewing a game on the grounds that they did not like the genre of the game; wouldn't that encourage higher metascores but less gamer diversity? At least if one non-fan reviews Beyond: Two Souls we get to hear the play experience for somebody who doesn't like to play these kinds of games, and that's valuable, especially to me, as somebody who doesn't like to play these kinds of games.


Fair review. But out of curiosity, why does quarter to three use a five star system instead of the usual ten point system?


From what I can tell you know nothing about screenwriting. Not just because you didn't like the story either.


The thing about Beyond is that already its divisive among critics and gamers alike. I have just finished the game and I am a fan of the way in which the game interacts between the player and story made more complex by its non-chronological story. I think it is much more thematic than Heavy Rain and cinematic. But Heavy Rain has the better, mature story and better characterisation.

1/5 is harsh in my opinion and some of the criticisms are somewhat scathing. Each to their own I say. Gaming scores should only serve as a singular person's opinion-not the whole gaming world. The average consensus rates Beyond at 71/100 on metacritic-not 1/5 or 2/10. Its nice to have different opinions but to those that slate Tom, don't bother. Its an opinion and we are all entitled one.

Here is my opinion-The Last Of Us is better than GTA outside of multiplayer (GTA is far better there). I expressed my opinion, Tom expresses his and so forth. Whatcha gunna do bout that? Do I feel lucky-punk?


You are an asshole pal. This game is brilliant !!


Tom , her own opinion is ridiculous . . . . . .


I don't think you should be listed on metacritic.

But hear me out, I don't think anything should be listed on metacritic, the fact that the industry actually uses that POS website in its contractual agreements with developers is, for me, beyond retarded.

The singular positive I can see from it is that we get to see a list of the IGN review scores and how twisted they are and I'd really love for someone (not me I'm too lazy) to correlate IGN scores to game budget, I believe they would directly correlate, if but for one or two outliers, as with anything.

I've disagreed with your reviews on the past and I've agreed with your reviews in the past, different strokes different blokes right?

But THIS time, I hole heatedly agree more so than any other review you've done. Even Willem Defoe could not safe this absolute waste of time. They would literally have been better off just removing the 'press this button now!' moments and making a movie of it.

I have not finished the game yet so I guess my opinion counts for even less than yours, I will finish this game, I have looked forward to it long enough... but it has taught me one thing.

Pre-ordering video games that aren't Zelda is dumb.

(Perhaps my rampant fanyboyism for Zelda is dumb but you can all shove that notion up your arse because I don't care :D)


Becasue you have ADD and are a virgin.


give me one line from this game that's worth noting and is not cringeworthy


you are by far the worst reviewer listed by matecritic there is.
20 for beyond, halo, PSABR, syndicate and so on...
40 for journey, sleeping dogs, max payne? omfg
And not to start about your highest rated 'reviews'...
Only 5% of your game 'reviews' actually are on the average score. Please stop with what you are doing because you suck


And in any case, Telltale had advantage, because of the TWD brand


nowhere near the execution is miles ahead, it's even more limiting....


yes, please stop thinking for yourself and align with the rest of the mindless drones.


typical, vote down the post instead of actually answering. proves my point


this is noyt thinking for yourself but more click whoring.