Prettier picture than any of Derek's BCG shots

My pseudo-career in acting is skyrocketing into the stratosphere. I am going to be bigger than Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Derek Smart…Put together!

Here is my first gig for all the public to see (short of a few softcore porn shots with three oriental ladies dressed as flight attendants):,1964,greatfall02_main,FF.htm

Now you have to squint just the right amount and be exactly 34 inches from your monitor, but that is yours truly. Watch the offers come rolling in after people experience my incredible talent. Just you wait.

I don’t understand. You’re saying you’re the out of focus guy in the background? If so, you really should see about working with a different cinematographer. Or at least get the guy to hire a focus puller.



LMAO!!! :D

Yep that’s me, Tom. I was on my hands and knees cramped in that little cabinet bending all kindsa ways, making goofy-ass faces for an hour and a half. Then as we were finishing up the photog said let’s just get a couple with you pondering your dilemma. That was 3 months ago and today was the first time I have seen it. That could just be a dummy back there wearing my clothes for all I know. <insert dummy joke here>

And now, through my incredible infobahn prowess, I have found an earlier version of this picture that he doesn’t want you to see! Feast your eyes on this gem, before his lawyers sue Qt3 for removal of the picture!

Bigger than Derek Smart my butt!

ahahahahaha, man, you guys have TOO much time on your hands!!

Damn, that was funny. Good one, that. :D

How dare you deface my life’s work like that!!! :wink:

Please go back and blur Derek’s face a little more. I can make out too much of him and it is scaring my kid.

Latest BC3K patch in progress…


WTF is “Mohawk Carpet”? Is that like one stripe of carpet down the middle of the floor or something?

Wish I knew. I cannot get a copy of the posters that are going to be in stores. If I knew where somewhere that carried the carpet, I may be able to grab it when the promotion is over.

I dunno what it is, but I swear that the stripper who mushed her pelvis into my face had one.

Mohawk is a carpet manufacturer. I’m pretty sure they are sold through Home Depot.

Hey, thanks Reeko. I was going to be reduced to going to every store that sold carpet in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Oh wait. There is the internet I could check for Mohawk dealers. I wonder how this internet thing works.