Prey: $5 on Steam

See subject. I paid $10CAD and it’s worth it for a solid FPS.

Yeah, it’s definitely worth 5 or 10 bucks. Actually, it’s probably worth 20 or 30… :)

Prey is everything but a “solid FPS”, as the combat is the worse part of the whole game (with the stupidest and immobile enemies ever, and a god mode implemented by default).

I liked it, but it’s about the graphic, locations and fun tricks. Not really an example of FPS.

Are they giving people $5 to download this game? Because even then, I don’t think it’d be worth it.

The demo’s worth playing. It runs out of most of its clever ideas more or less as soon as it fades out though.

I agree with the original poster. The game is easily worth $5. Ignore the God mode and just try to play it without dying. (Well, I guess you have to die once.) The game’s worst sin is that it’s too short.


It’s certainly worth 10$.

It’s a passable FPS because the combat isn’t great, but the level design is excellent. And it doesn’t overstay its welcome since it’s about 6 hours long.

We’ve already had the argument about death in the game already, and I remain unconvinced by the anger directed at it because it was original and eliminates frustration at sections in the game you might find difficult.

And makes for the funniest end-boss in gaming history.

“MWAH-HA-HA! Finally! My victor-”
“You know, I can keep doing this until you die of old age. You know that, right?”

I can’t see it on Steam. Come to think about it, I don’t see many other titles that used to be offered there (I bought BTS on Steam, but its not showing in the store). Do they filter products according to location?

The two biggest flaws of this game:

1- Bad monster design. Dumb monsters who stand still and shoot from time to time. Oh, and they also blow themselves up with granades when they try doing something smart.

2- You are sent on a spaceship where aliens developed tricks such as wallwalking, gravity flipping etc… One would say that the aliens who developed the technology knows how to use it? Nope. Gravity flipping and wallwalking are insta-kill for monsters, and so all the fancy tricks are merely PvE.

Like if in Portal you had to fight a couple of combine between rooms.

Now think if instead those monsters would use gravity flipping to disorient you, or use portals to disappear and reappear behind you, or run at you through wallwalking pads.

That would make a good game.

What’s the sense of coding all the fancy features if then they can’t be used in combat?

Prey’s showing up here in the UK…

Not showing up in Germany…


They have started filtering out products by country a lot more, yeah. Australians also apparently don’t see a lot of the recent games, like most of the Rockstar ones.

Supposedly you can get around it by having the game gifted to you instead, though I can’t remember if there’s a specific trick to it.

I think its 2k’s titles that are missing. Thats another way to lose a sale. I don’t buy retail at all anymore. If its not available to download I probably don’t buy it.

I’m pretty sure they do now. It’s better than the way it used to be where people would try to buy games that Steam couldn’t sell in that country.

Obviously it’s frustrating, but Steam is stuck by whatever overseas deals cover the game in question. Blame the original publisher or developer for that.

You can get everything you’re likely to get out of it with the free demo. It doesn’t add anything new that changes things in a significant way. I was surprised when even the level design didn’t get more complicated. Maybe it did near the very end, but I couldn’t stay interested long enough to finish. I was very disappointed that they didn’t develop their gimmicks more thoroughly like Portal did.

I enjoyed the game but after some nice set-piece fights they end the game with one of the corniest, most bog-standard boss fights I’ve ever played. The only end Boss that made me cringe in embarrassment more was Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

Yep, just nabbed it for the five bucks, or “two pounds fifty”. I’ve played it before, but I can’t argue with the price…

Some of the multiplayer maps were decent. Is anybody playing on PC?

It had multiplayer?