Prey trailer needs cover disk distribution

Well, since I do not have contacts with magazine editors, I’m giving this a try. If this is bad form I expect Tom will delete it before anyone even sees it.

Background: Our publisher can’t release our new Prey trailer (currently on IGN – about to get a wider release) because they believe it has sensitive material (a ghost-like girl kills a kid midway in the trailer). So, we’re having to do it ourselves.

I’d like to offer this trailer to any magazine with a cover disk, or to anyone who wants to host it on their site. Anyone who takes me up on this offer will likely be able to talk me into an interview or some other goodie, maybe a behind-the-scenes shot on the making of the video or who knows what.

Send me emails at scottm <at> 3drealms dotcom.

Scott Miller, CEO

Yet, on the nick cartoon show Danny Phatom, they’ve had several such scenes. Odd thats an issue for a game.


Bust out with a torrent, yo. It’ll spread like wild fire on the Internet.

I’ll have no problem to be an early seeder.

I beleive they want an official distribution via a publisher/media company with some testicles.

Put up a torrent at 3DRealms, send the info the Bluesnews, and maybe even Slashdot. Hard to reach a wider target audience than that.

Umm, why not just contact the magazine editors directly since their are only 3 computer gaming magazines, and one of them doesn’t ship a CD anymore(CGW).

This is probably some devious marketing ploy that none of us are smart enough to understand, because obviously he would’ve just contact them directly via the information available in the magazines themselves if that’s all he wanted to do.

Hey magazine editors, I will also give you a file and throw in two free interviews! I have to give you this file myself, personally, because it is too controversial. It is also new and available at cross-promotional partner, whoops I mean “website”, GameWebSite.

I’m hoping magazine reps from other English-speaking areas of the world cruise by here, too. This is sort of a way to cast a wide net, I’m hoping.

Monday, I’ll try to target people individually.

Out of curiosity, what about non-English-speaking territories? Wouldn’t be a problem to hook you up with some other guys, too.


I’m responsible for content like this on our cover disc, which reaches 130.000+ readers - I’m pretty sure an American developer, wouldn’t know me or how to find me, so this way makes sense.

Unfortunately, we don’t do trailers (demos only) and kids being killed would be a big nono in our family friendly mag.

PC Accelerator where are you?

I remember that moment when I was out there to see Prey. I even made some comment like, “Hey, you can’t do that!”

I was only kinda half joking but it turns out I was right. :)


Wouldn’t it be easier to, like, remove the kid-killing portion of the trailer? Or is viral marketing the point here?

What do you have against killing kids?

Kind of makes me wonder what kind of problems Bioshock is going to face.

As long as it doesn’t feature any parasitic insectoid forcibly merging with a hapless kid while he cries for his mum, I’m sure Irrational will do just fine.

Oh, and … why include the part where the child gets killed? I’m fairly sure you’re not excluding yourself from any potential market by cutting it out. Or do you need the shock effect to push 3D Realms/Human Head as a “mature brand that refuses to shy away from controversial material in their bid to spread gaming to a wider audience”?

If the kids are demonically possessed or ghosts, or zombie demon child, I’m perfectily fine in killing them.

Those wider audiences really go for dead children, I hear.