Primary flowchart

By way of Tapped, this is cool; it’s a flowchart to predict who wins a county.

The part I thought was illustrative was “is it really Republican” makes it go for Clinton, but it’s the dead-last decision in the tree.

That’s some incredibly interesting data.

That’s a really great way to display data and correlation, I really like it.

I thought that was an interesting aspect, given all of Hillary’s suggestions that Obama is winning states that are going to vote Republican in the general election anyway.

I want them to add “And are there at least 3 registered ninjas living in the county?”

So, why exactly are uneducated voters leaning towards Hillary? Does lack of education correlate with something else (like lower income) that somehow gives that demographic an affinity for Hillary?

Or are uneducated people uncomfortable with someone who is as overtly intellectual as Obama is (i.e. typical middle-american anti-intellectual backlash)?

Racism, presumably, although one has to wonder how sexism factors in there as well. Also, name recognition is going to be more important for those who are less educated and, presumably, less savvy to Obama’s message, etc. Finally there’s the intellectual thing and the lowest common denominator appeal of Hillary’s recent Rovian slant.

Uneducated Democrats just vote the way their union bosses tell them to. Educated Democrats pay at least a tiny bit of attention to the race and are as repulsed by Hillary’s campaign as they are invigorated by Obama’s.

I would also add that Hillary appears to be more committed to government relief programs than Obama. The extension and implication of Obama’s promise of political inclusiveness is that he isn’t promising to implement straight Democratic programs the way Hillary is.