Prime World MOBA Thingy

Hey y’all, anyone ever hear of this one? I usually don’t give a damn about MOBA games, but when they mention its from folks who worked on Blitzkrieg, Silent Storm and Etherlords, my ears totally perked up, as I love those games a lot.

I was looking that over last night but being new to that type of game, I am always leery trying a MOBA out (seems there is no patience for noobs in these games by their respective communities).

Yeah, after posting the thread I did some reading on the Steam community, and apparently the game is very noob unfriendly. Ah well, here’s hoping Nival doesn’t jus stick with this sort of game…

It just came out, so everyone is technically noobs right?

It’s apparently been out in Russia for a while as well as having an English beta for a spell, so I’ve read.