Primis Dilemma Regum

For a while now I have been staring wistfully at King’s Dilemma:

And then longingly at it after this Shut up & Sit Down review:

Until this last weekend I finally bought the bullet, purchased some Table Top Simulator (TTS) copies, and started asking for players among my normal gaming group. So far we are up to 3 solidish players, and 1 extremely flaky player, but the game is best for 5. So now I come to Qt3 for aid. I am looking for 1-2 people who would like to play a campaign of King’s Dilemma over Table Top Simulator and Zoom. We would be using this mod to play King’s Dilemma in TTS (
I can provide TTS keys, so long as you are person of good moral character. We’ll probably be playing after work every other day (7:00 ish Central Time) and also maybe on weekends until we finish the campaign or get tired of it. If you’re interested just tell me whether you are for or against dilemmas, and I will deal you in.

You may want to mention a time zone.

That’s good advice. Right now we’re still murky on exactly when we are getting together, and I was just putting that time out there to give a general idea of when we were thinking about. The situation is that 3 of us are semi-night owl computer people, while the 4th works shifts and so doesn’t have a completely stable schedule, but can probably get together for most nights after 5:00. We all live in Texas, so that would be Central Time for us. And then weekends are their own kettle of fish.

As a side note, it turns out that scheduling for 5 people is hard. :D

My (IRL) group got through about 3/4 of the game playing every-other-sunday-night before the pandemic hit. It’s a lot of fun. Hopefully we get the band back together after this is all over.