Primo Levi ate my balls!

What the hell is Primo Levi’s Periodic Table … and why do I keep seeing a banner for it? It’s random and annoying. Unless it’s Chet’s favorite book or something. Anyway, that banner is getting up there into “punch the monkey” territory.

Writer Primo Levi (1919-1987), an Italian Jew, did not come to the wide attention of the English-reading audience until the last years of his life. A survivor of the Holocaust and imprisonment in Auschwitz, Levi is considered to be one of the century’s most compelling voices, and The Periodic Table is his most famous book. Springboarding from his training as a chemist, Levi uses the elements as metaphors to create a cycle of linked, somewhat autobiographical tales, including stories of the Piedmontese Jewish community he came from, and of his response to the Holocaust.
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Still doesn’t explain why that book, by itself, is prominently featured in Chet’s banner rotation.

Someone purchased the banner spot. I will let them announce who they are if they want.