Prince of Persia: Alright game music fans riddle me this

What is the orchestrated music they use in the new pop game trailer from. Not Saeglopur Sigur Ros trailer. I’m talking about the debut trailer

Man, it could be anybody. It seems most likely that they went with library music along these lines, but publishers will sometimes go with less seasoned (read: less expensive) composers for trailers like this.

Right. I’m pretty good at finding artists even smaller guys who do trailer music for trailer houses, but I just can’t find anything on this one.

Ah, okay, well it seems you know as much as I do on the topic. Let us know if you do find out the composer. Now I’m curious!

I wish they’d bring back Stuart Chatwood for the soundtrack.

I’m a huge soundtrack buff. I have a lot of official and unofficial soundtracks along with stuff like immediate music etc. I even started making trailer music cds.
Right now this track and iron fisted mutha are top on my list of things to try and trackdown. I even contacted the marketing dept for ubisoft trying to track this down.