Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (A return to the Sands of Time universe)

The new game will be released in the same month as the upcoming summer movie in May of 2010.

For me this is good news on two fronts:

  1. A return to Sands of Time? Yay! I loved reversing time, and the story, so it’s win, win.

  2. This might mean no sequel to the recent rebooted Prince of Persia, which had my absolute favorite Prince of Persia story. Without going into any spoilers, the story was thought to be exploitative by some gamers because they felt that it was a blatant setup for a sequel, like the end of Halo 2. But I thought the game had the perfect ending. I thought any continuation of that perfect ending would take away from the game. (As the Epilogue DLC did). So if this means that the awesome Prince of Persia Reboot story will not get a sequel, I will be very, very happy.

there was an epilogue DLC? i guess that was never released for PC

Yeah, that is correct. You didn’t miss much. The gameplay is actually pretty good. There are more series of moves you have to make in a row, and it’s incredibly satisfying to pull it all off. However, from a story perspective, it adds nothing at all.

I feel like I’m one of the few that really loved the last PoP game so it’s a little bit disheartening that they seem to be abandoning that universe to return to the SoTuniverse (which was wrapped up quite fine IMO with TTT). But then again that just means they can’t screw up the rather elegant ending to the reboot.

Yeah, exactly Kevin. This last Prince of Persia game was one I loved too, and that’s why I’m glad they’re leaving it alone.

So the SoT universe was wrapped up in TTT? I’m tempted to ask what happened, since TTT was too hard for me to finish (I really suck at QTEs, so I could never get “quick kills”). Did it ever tie together Warrior Within and TTT to Sands of Time? I always thought Sands of Time was a self-contained story, and then Warrior Within started a completely new story unrelated to SoT?

I gave up on the reboot. Way too repetitive though very beautiful.
I love Sands of Time but gave up on Warrior Within (disliked the nonlinear structure and atmosphere).
Never played Two Thrones.
All 4 of these are still available on Steam for $22.49 (or $5 a piece for the Sands of Time trilogy, which I guess is not a trilogy?)
EDIT: Nevermind, I thought it was a longer sale as it was up past 8 but I guess they were just late in taking it down. Oh well. Eventually I’ll rebuy SoT on GoG when they have a sale.

I’m kind of vague on details since it’s been years since I played through the second half of TTT but, yeah, it tied them together as I recall (and the last line in the game was pretty much perfect for any SoT fan). The bigger issue is that TTT takes the very hard to get alternate ending of WW as canon.

Personally, I loved Two Thrones. The QTEs didn’t bother me and I liked that they basically came up with an alternative to fighting that involved more platforming. Even the “Dark Prince” sections were awesome because they were platforming focused. And I enjoyed some of the meta-commentary in the game (as I recall they brought back the original voice actor from SoT for the Prince and then had the VA from WW voice the Dark Prince).

I did think the visuals were kind of a downgrade from the previous two games though.

I was actually happy with that. I worked fairly hard to get that ending in WW, so I was glad they took it as canon.

Personally, I loved Two Thrones. The QTEs didn’t bother me and I liked that they basically came up with an alternative to fighting that involved more platforming.

I did enjoy that. I loved doing more platforming to get behind the enemies. But since I couldn’t get the quick-kills when I finally got to the end, all that extra effort didn’t seem to reward me at all, since the timing window on those quick-kills was so narrow, I had to use most of my time reversals just to get one kill. And that left me without enough time-reversals to kill any more enemies if there were any. Arrrgh. That was so frustrating. I just felt like, if you’re going to design a longer, more arduous way of killing the enemies from behind, then don’t make it so hard for the player once they get there.

The worst part of that was that even if one enemy lived when I ran out of Time Sand, he would go over and activate the summoning device so that I would then have to face a lot of enemies, who I usually lost to.

I really liked Two Thrones, too, but found the difficulty totally insane. There was a boss fight with two dudes that whale on you at the same time that was close to impossible for me on Normal. I finally powered thru it but felt shitty and angry and put the game down shortly after.

I just bought WW to play again, though I remember not liking the non-linear stuff. I always got lost.

Yeah that was the worst part of the game for me. I had used up all of my sand capsules (or whatever it is that the game uses) on the chariot race immediately before that so I had to get through that boss battle without the rewind function.

I loved Sands of Time to bits, and never finished either Smoldering With Generic Rage Within or Two Thrones, though there were bits of both of them that I think would do well to be lifted and used as elements in a new one. A perhaps less QTEy form of the speed kills would be nice, and the Dahaka(? think that was the Angry Time Monster involved) chase sequences were a nice way of adding pressure to some platform bits–something similar would have been better suited to the reboot Epilogue chapter, come to think of it.

The Sandsverse does seem rather played out, but I’m still in favor of more solid PoP entries.

Just so Kevin and Rockman don’t feel so alone, I too, loved the last PoP story and felt that epilogue took away from the ending. That doesn’t mean I don’t wanna see a sequel though, as I think they can do a sequel without hurting the original ending the way epilogue DLC did.

As for a return to the Sands of time, it being one of my favourite stories ever, I’m dubious. The story was concluded in TTT (which I liked lots and never found it too difficult) and there’s really little to explore in going back. It feels more like something that is marketing driven than anyone having a strong creative direction for the series.

They showed a trailer for the new game at the VGAs. I saw it here. I agree that the main character now looks a lot more like Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sands of Time was perfect within itself. The sequels did nothing but detract from the beautifully structured story of the first game.

The new game will take place between Sands of Time and Warrior Within, and Jake Gyllenhaal wll not voice the prince the original voice actor will. The story will probably try to explain why the prince whent from a likable character in Sands of Time to a jackass in Warrior Within.

Nice! Now hopefully their explanation for why he became how we was will be handled better than what George Lucas managed for Anakyn Skywalker in Episodes 2 and 3.

Blech. The problem I have with that 7-year period is, nothing interesting happened in it. The Prince was struck by bad fortune and chased by the Dahaka until he was a bitter man. Telling that story would be depressing, unsatisfactory, or both. Because we already know the outcome. Remember Star Wars 1-3, and Anakin’s remarkable transformation from carefree hero to brooding, emo warrior?

The good thing about Warrior Within is, that it resolved the issue. At the end, every cause for his pain and suffering was destroyed. It gave as much closure as Terminator 2 did to the Terminator storyline.

If they would just remake that story with its spectacular level design but without the teen angst, as if the game WW had never happened…

I do not need angsty emo princes in my swashbuckling action, thankyouverymuch.

Is Mechner working on it? If he’s not, I don’t care.

It’s good to hear that Lowenthal is doing the voice though.

No worries about that - it’s going to be an emo vampire prince.