Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (A return to the Sands of Time universe)

Gameplay Trailer. Awesome. When I envisioned a game set in the Sands of Time universe, I also envisioned last-gen graphics in my head, for some reason. So it was a shock, first of all, to see the gorgeous visuals. They mention that it uses the Assassin’s Creed engine and it looks incredible. Also, the water freeze ability looks incredibly cool. I’m really looking forward to this.

“Hey, we need a game for that Prince of Persia movie!”

“We already released Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.”

“Well, we need a tie-in game.”

“How about something with “Time” in the subtitle?”

“No, time is not prominent enough, but there is a fuckload of sand in the film. Make something that has Sands in the title.”

Infected with Ubi’s bullshit DRM, no doubt, if it even gets released on PC shortly after the console release (which it won’t).

Guess I’ll be playing it in 2012 when it’s $5 on Steam.

Forget the videogame tie-ins, I’m looking forward to this:

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Releasing the same day as Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake it looks like this game might get crushed. Which is too bad, as it looks like a nice return to the last gen trilogy (that said, I also enjoyed the previous outing as well).

I loved the previous outing, but yeah, I’m ignoring this one for now. Not the least of the reasons being I really hated The Two Thrones and gave up in disgust eventually because I was terrible at the stealth kills. I could do the acrobatics just fine, but when it came to pressing the button at precisely the right time to get the kill, I was terrible at that part.

Did anyone here buy this? There was so little hype, it seems like Ubisoft sent this one out to die.

The Prince’s weird face and barely-moving mouth bug me too much to buy this.

“And when enough time passes, people forget things!”

“Fucking brilliant! Give that man a raise!”

Does this one have infinite sand? If not no sale.

Hard to say. If you try and keep count you’ll just keep forgetting.

I picked this one up at Target this week for $20. Now, I liked the original Sands of Time, but I shied away from the sequels. I loved the Prince of Persia reboot, so I kept comparing it to that. Bottom line: not as good.

The platforming was very good, and the difficulty ratcheted up well. The combat was OK, although it felt like mass zombie slaying, since they generally moved very slowly not did not put up much of a challenge. The story was simple and predicable, and I felt they ended it too abruptly. I did enjoy the final sequence, as really felt like an epic battle inside a sandstorm.

Overall, after playing the reboot, this version seemed way too linear. It allowed them to do some interesting cinematics, but I always was pressed forward. There is a single auto-save, which prevents you from going back to try to find hidden areas or to try to get the achievements for the bosses, unless you play through the game again.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience, but I would like to see something more ambitious for further games in the series.

$20 already? Sheesh. Seems to be a trend - releasing a game and dropping the price to $39 or less within a few months.

I loved the reboot as well, though it was a bit repetative and easy.

It’s a good way to keep sales up and maximize profits. Not only does it sell more than it would if the price didn’t change, it will often keep interest in the game active, contributing to more sales than if people didn’t bump threads like this to tell people it’s on for cheap.

I love how games drop in price fairly quickly, even though I often get stung by it. With games I know I want on day one I’m happy to pay the $60 entrance fee. For games I know I want, but can wait on, I like that the wait to get to $39.99 or less is fairly short these days. Currently I’m waiting on Lego Harry Potter and Modnation Racers to hit $39.99 before I bite on either. I think both games are worthwhile, but not for $60.

Well I can see how it would maximize profits after a certain point - say after selling 500k units or more. But with the astronomical game budgets and companies posting losses due to AAA titles “only” selling 750,000 copies after a few weeks it makes me wonder how long the market can stay healthy.

I’m not in the video game biz, but I imagine it could be like other businesses where the companies end up giving retailers mark-down money for games that don’t meet sales expectations right away to help the retailer move those units and make shelf space for their next titles.

Not complaining though :) I would probably buy more games if they were priced $39.99 new. Maybe it’s just me but the older I get the more it pains me to spend $60 on a video game. I’m becoming frugal in my old age! And there are just too many games released each year for me to plop down $60 on each so unless I really REALLY must have it, I wait for the price to come down anyway (yeah, I know - not really helping the situation either).

I’m waiting for FF 13 to come down to $19.99 so I can see how much of a turd it really is. That was probably the only game in the last few years I had full intention of buying on release day but after all the reviews and comments I’ve read…

Prince of Persia totally bombed and went instantly (like 1 week after release) into the 20 EUR territory at the UK online retailers.

I picked up the Wii version 2 weeks after release for that price.

Just finished this game last night as well after picking it up on the cheap. It’s not a bad game, but it makes me realize I like the 2008 reboot better. That game looked better, had better dialog/voice acting (not that it matters much in a PoP title, but still), and I really miss the auto reload upon death mechanic in the form of Elika. The new one has the sand rewinding that lets you recover from a fatal mistake, but it has limited uses AND it draws from the same pool of mana as all your combat abilities. So I found myself hoarding it and getting through the combat through boring button mashing. And I still sometimes ran out of time juice because the camera and controls would randomly conspire against me. Things like changing the camera angle so that I needed to push up on the left stick but had been anticipating pushing right based on the now retired camera angle.

That said, the new game does introduce some pretty worthwhile mechanics. The water freezing stuff in particular is pretty cool and makes the game challenging in a good way. You can press the left trigger to freeze water in place, so that you can swing on a stream of it, climb up a column of water, or run up a waterfall like it’s a wall. Before long you encounter streams that alternate on and off, so that you have to freeze, swing, jump, unfreeze, freeze again in midair, land. And the water freezing is on a timer so you can only do it for so long at a go.

The game introduces other mechanics, but the water freezing one is the most notable. When the pieces start to get combined late in the game it gets pretty crazy. Freeze water, wall run up a waterfall, jump, unfreeze water so that the next jet cycles on, freeze again so you can grab onto it, swing, jump, unfreeze water so you go THROUGH a waterfall instead of bouncing off it, press a to grab a flying bird, jump to the left, hit B to do the air dash move into an enemy that’s been throwing fireballs at you the whole time. Tricky, but when you do it right it feels pretty good. The last platforming part of the game right before you get to the (stupid, stupid) end boss was really kind of crazy in that way.

So, the game has both good and bad. Worth $20 or so easy, though. I’m glad I played it.

Lego Harry Potter isn’t a $60 game, it debuted at $45-$49 depending upon where you bought it.

But otherwise, uhm, yeah I agree with your post, for 99% of games I wait until the new price is $10-20 cheaper than release day pricing before I buy them.

Finished this today; it’s a damn proper PoP game. Certainly less ambitious graphically than PoP 2008, but the mechanics are as tight and clever as ever. And the ending does (kind of) explain how the became so bitter between SoT and WW, if you use some creative inference.

Interesting that after four games of never quite cracking the combat system, this time around Ubi basically said “You know what? Just button mash.” And it’s totally the most fun I’ve had with PoP combat ever.