Princess Bride Reunion

Mostly over now, but…

For Wisconsin Democrats. They have everyone still alive except Fred Savage. Even Mandy Patinkin, who I think blew off earlier reunions. Kind of dopey but cool.

Hopefully they’ll keep recordings up.

Is this a Quibi exclusive?

It’s a fundraiser for Wisconsin Democrats. Gotta donate to watch. Swing-state and all that, I think it’s inspired.

What’s with Fred Savage??

Parks & Rec cast is also doing this for the WisDems.

No one gives a shit about Fred savage

Man, Dems have such better celebrities. Not that it mattered in 2016, but…

I reckon at least Ryan Reynolds feels differently…

But why the strong disdain? Is a Trumpist these days?

We watched this last night and technical glitches notwithstanding it was great. Mandy Patinkin put a lot into it. Billy Crystal put a mini set behind him and wore his hat from the movie!

Cary Elwes and Robin Wright look terrific even today. Consider that the movie was made 37 years ago… That is crazy.

Is it possible to watch this somewhere?

Hehe, this reminds me that my GF and I will sometimes see some celebrity on TV older than both of us that looks ridiculously fantastic. And the running gag between us is that one of us will turn to the other and say, “so-and-so is older and looks so much better than both of us. I hate them.”

And you’re right, Cary and Robin both look fantastic.

Cary Elwes has some weird hair going on.

Carol Kane is 68, and somehow looks like she’s like… 16? WTF is up with that?

Great makeup and hair coloring. She won an Emmy when she was on Taxi. Think about that. It’s crazy how she’s maintained a relatively similar look throughout her life.

That’s because she’s a witch.

Come on, that has to be Carol Kane’s daughter. Right? Or she’s a Time Lord.

Honestly they all look pretty good, even Shawn and Crystal. Who’s that in the back? Humperdinck?

Got it in one.

She’s a ghost.

To me she’ll always be the cute lady with the Adlai Stevenson button.