Printable version MY ASS

[begin trivial rant]

This happens EVERY TIME I try to print something from Yahoo Maps. I click on “Printable version” so I don’t waste paper, but when the map prints I get all the information I need on one page, and then one or two lines of useless Yahoo! copyright information on a second page, resulting in a complete waste of paper.

You’d think that in cases like that it’d find some way to truncate it all onto one page. Or maybe Yahoo! has stock in various paper mills. Fuckers.

So how many expected a Whitta-link to an ascii-version of a picture of his ass?

That’s why when you print you can select only to print page 1 ;).

“Print Preview” is your friend, Whitta. Seriously.

I said MY ASS, dammit!

MapQuest print version never lets me down.

It has more to do with how your printer’s driver renders the page you’re looking at, and less to do with how they mark up the HTML.

Does this (may be NSFW) make you feel any better? You can kiss that ass. ;)

edit: also another that’ll satisfy UC’s old EA cubemate (NSFW)

Mule Lady is Hawt! :lol: