Printer messed up, need some help

I have a hp 1350 all in one series. I recentily had to repair windows xp , now I can’t seem to use my printer. I uninstalled all the software for it, and when I go to install it, it gets to the point where I have to plug in the USB cable between computer and printer, but when I do, the computer doesn’t recogize it. Also I noticed when I run msconfig, the plug and play under services is disabled, not sure how. So is the problem related to windows or the cable itself?

you have to reinstall the USB drivers that come with your motherboard. repairing windows xp probably nuked them.

thanks that seemed to fix it.

anytime. There are probably some other motherboard-specific drivers on that CD. When you get a chance, reinstall those too if you haven’t already.

I went to hardware manager, and updated the usb driver.

Mobo drivers is the step that I always forget.

Living with generic drivers (very easy to do in Windows XP, because they do ‘just work’) is like owning a cheap car. You never know when it will go wrong, and it makes everyday computer operation a tense experience.