Printer selection keeps switching

Something I should have figured out a long time ago:

Every since I set up a second computer on a local network (first time I ever did that), my printer keeps switching around. Basically, there is always a selection option when I go to print of the printer or “(Copy 1)” of the printer. One of them seems to work and one doesn’t, and basically it is random each time I restart my computer which is the working one.

Obviously it is an irritant, not a debilitating thing, which is why I haven’t fixed it. But I have looked around a bit via google, and can’t seem to find the answer. Deleting the non-working one in the printer control panel doesn’t help; two versions show up again like magic each time I restart.

The printer selection popup is a clue - you hit print but whatever was setup as default printer was invalid or non-existing. are your printers shared from a windows pc or one of those USB/ethernet ports? I had a cheap linksys Ethernet-> USB port that kept giving me grief - threw it out and got the built in NIC for printer. much nicer.

You sure you don’t have anything funky like having a fax as the default printer?

Different programs (office, IE, mozilla) seem to have their own default printer selection too. maybe one of them is overwriting the defautl windows one

I’m not fully tracking you. I only have one printer, two computers. For some reason, it keeps giving me the option of printing from the same printer, but one of the options is “Copy 1.” It seems completely random which of them is actually the real printer.

It is a multifunction fax/copier/printer. Only device of that nature I have hooked up.