Pro Bowl--let the jokes begin

Ok, I wasn’t going to even watch this game, but now I probably will just because something seems to be happening that will piss BTG off!

Actually, I think it’s a joke that Vince could be going this year, but then the pro bowl is one big joke. I have to say though that it can’t be any worse than the NHL all-star game, which looks like it happens in slow-mo and seems to have no checking at all.


As the article said, VY wasn’t even first or second alternate - Brady was presumably one of those two. Probably first. And both those ahead of VY declined to go.

This is pretty meaningless.

I’m guessing Brady bowed out for some reason. I’m pretty sure he was higher on the list. Young wasn’t even one of the first two alt.s, which means he was at best the 6th QB in the AFC, perhaps lower. A similar thing happened last year when McNair went as like the 8th QB on the list?

It’s just another example of how silly the whole thing is.

Oh, and Rivers is hurt…in that final game, I believe.

Sorry, I’m retarded, I didn’t see the whole article or something. Hmm. Why decline? It still counts as a PB nod, right? Maybe Brady is also hurt? He got knocked around in week 14 or so IIRC, when they brought Testaverde in mysteriously.

He has to be the first alternate. The second? McNair, maybe?

McNair claimed he would step aside to let Young go, actually. Not sure if that happened, but he’s free to decline an invite.

Yeah, to put it in perspective, Trent Dilfer went to the Pro Bowl back in like 1996 I think. Basically you end up going when like the ten guys in front of you don’t want to risk injury and opt out.

Exactly. Now, QB is probably the least likely to get hurt at the pro bowl because of the rules and the general atmosphere (people aren’t looking to hurt each other). So, if QBs are doing this, how long before other positions start doing it? And how long before players basically decide it’s just not worth it at all? And then how long before the pro bowl is just a bunch of guys who didn’t deserve it and just want a paycheck (since the guys who earned it don’t need the extra money).

Or how long before owners start paying players NOT to go?