Pro Pinball is back, baby!

Kickstarter is set to begin on September 3rd.They are going to completely remaster the original tables (Timeshock!, Big Race USA, The Web, and Fantasic Journey) plus they are working on a new table with Pat Lawlor (Addams Family, Teilight Zone).

This is my favorite pinball series ever, and I can’t wait to give them my money.

Http:// is the new website, which has a countdown until the Kickstarter begins.

Wow, very cool!

I am unbelievably stoked. As much as I like some of the more recent offerings-- Pinball Arcade, Zen, etc. theses tables have a real place in my heart. I spent a lot of hours with these guys and can’t wait to do it again.

I spent a lot, LOT of time (no pun intended) with Timeshock! I’m very excited to see what these guys come up with.

Excellent news. Finally some quality original virtual pinball tables with physics that don’t feel like another planet. And a new Pat Lawlor table? Name your price.

Kickstarter is up.

I spent a lot of time with Timeshock and will definitely puchase this when it comes out.

My personal nostalgic favorite, however, is Pinball Fantasies from Digital Illusions back in the early 90s. The Stones n’ Bones table in particular. It never got any better than that.

The DI pinball games, and MechForce, are the first things I install in my Amiga emulators.

I had hoped for something a bit different in the tiers…I don’t know, somthing that would compel me to spend more money than I should, but I’m in.

I think their pricing is a little high to get all 5 tables, honestly. I’m in because I’m a pinball fan but I think it’s slightly above impulse-pledges. Also, $400,000 is going to be a hard goal to meet.

Honestly, they could redo this Kickstarter just for Timeshock and I’d be lining up anyway, though.

WOW. That is my favorite of all time too! I didn’t think anyone else had quite the feelings I did towards Stones n Bones. Until I learned how to export the music to play on its own, I used to hold the ball on the flipper just so I could hear more of the music.

Pinball Fantasies does have 4 tables on the iPad. They look and sound awesome, but they play terrible. The ball kind of floats around itself when its coming close to the flippers and other areas which just ruins the game as the ballplay is not smooth in the least.

While I do see your point, as a pinball fan it’s worth a lot more money than that to get a brand new Lawlor-designed table. Just about any amount, really.

I totally agree. I just have to hope that $400,000 worth of other people do, too.

They aren’t off to a very good start. Only 26k out of 400 needed so far (including one of 10 plus).

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. I really would love a good Stones n’ Bones remake. I spent so much time on that table back in the day.

I wasn’t aware of the ipad versions-- if the stones n’ bones ipad remake was good, I would consider buying an ipad just for that. I guess it’s not, so I won’t.

Yeah, I noticed that, too. I hope it’s real, but I suspect it’s not. Which means $16K raised so far. :(

Maybe it was John Popadiuk, lol.

I thought exactly the same thing. :)

They have made the original Big Race USA available for free, and a 2 dollar pledge gets you the original Timeshock! and Fantastic Journey if they hit their goal. Resolution on these goes up to 1600*1200 so it shouldn’t be too tragic. They need a LOT of help (only 10% so far).

Tried it out in Windows 7. I had to make a new Catalyst Profile and disable some stuff. It runs pretty well, though it seems to stutter some when the ball is in the lower portion of the screen (and becomes bad when multiple balls are in play). But at the least, it can give people a sense of the great design of the series.