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How on earth is this the #5 smartest move in gaming history?

You’re right.

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Hmm… lets see, this decision allowed them to penetrate the american market, where they enjoyed domination over the console market until the release of the sony playstation. I think the article spells it out pretty well.

Of course, it was matched by the sheer stupidity of offering the console to Atari for american production. Fortunately for Nintendo, Atari was even stupider.

Linking the success of the NES to R.O.B. is a little tenuous. Marketing the system as a toy was a smart move, but was R.O.B. really the turning point?

Marketing never gets the love. :sigh:

Marketing? Who buys stuff according to ads and commercials? Marketing is for gullible boobs. :wink: Just ask that dumb ass who bought Empire of Magic the day it hit store shelves.

Best lesson I learned in school: nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising.

But would the NES have sold with the Atari name on it?

I mean, hell, it was inferior to the Atari 5200 hardware-wise, wasn’t it?

It was much better games-wise, though. The 5200 had the best console version of Joust, and… well, I’m drawing a blank. The NES had a wealth of great games that blew all of its competitors out of the water. Most of the console companies at the time (Atari, especially) had gotten into the habit of producing crap, and lots of it. I’d say that Nintendo revolutionized quality control in the console world, because I don’t remember the hoards of slapped-together filler games on the NES that we had on, say, the Atari 2600.

I don’t even remember the R.O.B, unless it is brought up. However, I DO remember getting my first NES for Christmas. Mario alone was brilliant. I played it over and over. There were LOTS of great NES games and it just blew Atari away, in every sense, especially once games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior started coming out. Those were my first console RPGs, and they were incredible (at the time).

Atari 5200 wasn’t anywhere near the capabilities of the NES as far as I’m aware.

DaveC, what don’t you understand about how important it was to have that robot in with the NES just to get retailers to bite? Without it, retailers weren’t even interested in a games system. With it, it suddenly became a “toy” and the rest is history.

There’s no evidence that videogames would ever have rebounded if it weren’t for Nintendo’s trojan horse ploy to get retailers to sell a games machine again. You can’t rewrite history.


without nintendo, no one would have ever used their computing mahines for “fun” again, right?

I just remember being pretty incredulous that the NES sold as well as it did since its tech specs sucked so badly. But as they say, it’s all about the games.


This series, much like its sibling the bad decision one, isnt very good.


many of you are missing the point on the marketing thing. This wasn’t about marketing it to consumers, this was about marketing it to your Wal-marts and the like who ended up eating the cost on thousands of atari carts and selling them for $2 apiece when their cost was $20.

It doesn’t matter how much the consumers are interested in the product if you have no way to get it to them. If the big chains are scared of carrying it, then they won’t buy any stock, and your product can’t catch on. Marketing it as a toy got around all of that.

You have to remember that this was pre-internet. 99% of your consumers, including the fledgling gaming community, wasn’t hearing about how great the Famicom was. Only in the last 5-10 or so years has information about games/systems in other countries really been easily available to those who are interested. It’s not like Nintendo was taking out full page ads in the NY Times to try to drum up interest.

hey, i bought one of those. totally useless. probably the stupidest $100 of my very own money (i was 12) that i could have spent.

but it sure did look cool.