Probably cutting the TV cord soon--advice?


This is what drives me bonkers with these streaming services. It’s so inconsistent. I’d rather just pay for cable/sat, lease a physical DVR, and have pause/record capability across the board.


Oh yeah, and it’s inconsistent across devices too. Hulu’s DVR is pretty strict on ESPN on Xbox, forcing you to watch commercials every time you fast forward. But on my phone, it was more lax and let me jump back and forth across different points in the broadcast.


It shows “Netflix” to the left where it shows each channel name, and then the section to the right where it would normally list half-hour blocks of time is just completely blank. I agree that it is just to “keep you in their ecosystem” but I like it nonetheless.


One nice thing about DirecTV Now is that you can use the login for various network-specific apps, like SyFy, etc.

I wouldn’t pay $40 a month for it, but it’s only $15 with my AT&T phone plan.


All those TV Everywhere apps show ads. Funk dat noise, yo.


Ooooh, good tip, man! Thank you!


For DirecTV Now, Sling and PSVue (probably the others as well) there are app logins. I have bookmarked the pages as follows for the first two:


Gonna be super interesting to see how the Disney - Comcast uneasy marriage in ownership of HULU plays out in coming months, now that Disney finds themselves a 60% owner of that service.


Plex has announced they’re going to do away with Plug-ins, which sucks. That’s how I watch Comedy Central, CBS, NBC on demand on the big screen.

Apparently not enough people use the feature, and so they can’t justify continued support of the feature.

Come on people! More of you should be using plug-ins.


I used to use Comedy Central all the time, but it broke for me a couple of years ago and I’ve never been able to get it to work again. I did also use the Giant Bomb one.


It broke for me back then too. But I kept trying to update it, and eventually it started working again.


What do you actually run Plex on? Any media player app platform should have apps for all that stuff, androidTV, roku, appleTV, fireTV, etc.

If they blocked ads also, I would look into Kodi addons instead. Kodi also has a great Plex addon which basically runs a full-fledged Plex client inside Kodi. It’s official too, Plex built it.


I’ve been switching between sling, vue and directv now for the last couple of years. I logged in to my directv now account which was closed and started a chat with a customer service rep. I asked if they have any special offers if I reactivate my account, they gave me $10 off for 3 months so I took them up on it. Worth a try for anyone else looking to go back.


Plex let you watch stuff that you couldn’t via apps/websites in the UK.


Ahh. Check out Kodi addons, then.


And now I see no reason to use Plex. It’s the only feature I use.


There’s probably a better thread for this, but we’ve talked about a lot of different streaming services in here, so…

Cutting the cord has turned into basically rebuilding your own cable package one monthly subscription at a time, with all the different services out there. Lo and behold, people are remembering there’s a way to get that content without paying for a gazillion different monthly subscriptions.


I’m just shocked, really. No one could possibly have predicte…oh wait, I’ve been saying this ever since they started balkanizing. :P


I don’t want to get my games from a thousand services, and I don’t want to get my TV that way either. CBS, Disney… I’m not going to sign up for individual channels like that. I simply will not do it.