Probably cutting the TV cord soon--advice?


It’s the same price as Netflix, $12 a month for the version with no commercials.

(You can also add a TV package, where you get Live TV, etc, but that’s SlingTV/PS Vue territory. The part we are comparing is just the streaming service. It’s $8 a month with ads, $12 a month without ads).


My TV is 4 inches larger than my monitor and has less than a quarter of the resolution. And apparently no one is even making 4K TVs in a size I could fit in my TV cabinet.


Heh, I got a 50" 4k HDR TV for my bedroom. It cost $280.


Netlix auto-players on Fire-TV. Nothing I like better than launching the Netflix app and the first damn thing it does it start autoplaying one of their new creepy shows about murders and ice. Hulu used to be great. It auto-played my list of new shows in order. I could just sit back and watch them and then, some exec probably got involved and it stopped auto-playing my shows and started trying to auto play their recommendations which, no. I want to watch my shows. Also, every damn season Hulu tries to tell me the series I’ve been watching for years, yeah it says i haven’t and list like 200 episodes that are unwatched which is simply not true.

Yeah the paid, legal content is a worst experience. It’s the only experience I am willing to have at the moment though. I get what is paid, or someone shares with me their paid content, or I go without. Every year I watch fewer and fewer shoes, and what’s their answer, oh yeah… a per channel service which is just idiotic. If Disney thinks I’m going to pay 8 dollars a month or whatever it is they are asking for so I can watch a handful of movies they made I like, most of witch I already own, they’re nuts.

Amazon’s biggest crime, so far, is still not carrying Vudu.


Vudu works with Movies Anywhere, which is linked to Amazon’s video catalog, so most movies you buy on Vudu should magically show up on Amazon and vice-versa. You just need to sign up for Movies Anywhere and link the accounts.

This doesn’t cover every studio, Paramount and Lionsgate in particular are missing. But it does cover most of them.


I think I actually started the Movies Anywhere post here. But yeah there are studios that are not participating. Here’s the thing though. Amazon needs to make up it’s mind what it wants to be. If they want to be my go to device then they need to play nicely with the other children. It’s as simple as that. There is no reason Walmart and Amazon can’t figure out how to get Vudu on FireTV together.


I’m sure Amazon is willing to host the Vudu app, they just didn’t submit one for whatever reason.

If you really need Vudu on FireTV, a quick google showed that you can sideload it. Briefly, enable unknown sources in the FireTV preferences, download the Vudu AndroidTV APK from, put it on a USB stick, pop that into the FireTV, install ES File Explorer from the Amazon appstore, navigate to the stick, install the APK. If you’re on a fireTV stick without a USB port you can navigate to a SMB share over the network, or use the downloader app to download it directly from apkmirror with the full URL.


Sure, but I said for what you get. Which as nearly as I can tell is shitloads of old TV shows. 99% of which I have no interest in, the other 1% of which I’ve already watched. I wouldn’t mind rewatching Cheers (assuming it is on there, I can’t say I’ve checked) but I’m not paying $12/month for the privilege.


The Handmaid’s Tale
The First
Castle Rock
Fear the Walking Dead

I have Hulu, Prime, and Netflix and end up watching Hulu more than the others.


Fortunately I don’t require that because yes, most of the movies are on MVA, but also because I have a gazillion streaming devices, including Roku and the PS4. The thing is though, they all have shortcomings, noticeable ones. The point someone else made above, these are overcome, as in you get a better experience, if you just pirate this stuff. That’s a problem. They’re too busy trying to suck subscriptions out of consumers that they don’t seem to realize that we don’t have to be legal consumers at all. I am choosing not to pirate stuff, not because I am too dumb to do it, but because I’ve chosen the they make it easy and affordable or I just do other things than TV approach rather than go pirate it choice.

I literally had someone under thirty try to explain to me last week why he claims streaming something you’re not supposed to have isn’t piracy. It’s only piracy if you download it. I had to laugh. I mean… this circular logic shit, his generation did not create that and neither did mine.


Yeah, they were making similarly stupid arguments back in the 90s. Typically starts with “I never would have bought it anyway”.


Ah I see. I subscribe to Hulu at the end of every TV season to catch up on current shows. So for example, I’ll unsubscribe from Netflix in December and get Hulu instead and catch up on the new seasons of Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, Handmaiden’s Tale, Last Man on Earth, and some shows that I’m multiple seasons behind on from Fox, NBC, ABC and others (they don’t have CBS shows).


Obviously tastes differ. I know Hulu does original programming, but of the shows you listed there, the only one I would probably watch is The Handmaid’s Tale. Assuming you mean the TV series Fargo, I’ve seen the three seasons shown so far, on network TV. I avoid anything even remotely Stephen Kingish, and FTWD was just god-awful in the first season when I gave it a try. But I’m glad others enjoy their programming, it just doesn’t appeal to me at least thus far.


Fargo is not on Network TV, it’s on Cable. I believe it’s an FX show. I haven’t watched it yet, but I believe Hulu is my only option to watch that show as a non-cable subscriber, right? I do get over-the-air Network TV, but I’m 100% sure Fargo is not on those.


On the Hulu front…if you have Spotify premium already and don’t mind limited commercials, it’s really cheap. Intro rate of .99 above Spotify premium, and then $3 extra per month.

I used to really hate the commercials, but I’ve grown to appreciate having a 90 second break every 20 minutes or so. Get up, grab a drink, look at my phone, whatever…I can live with that. Still much less than standard TV format. And on older shows, they’ll often just stop showing commercials if you play more than one episode in a row.


You are correct. It was either FX or FXX. I also watched Taboo on I think the same channel. and Its Always Sunny.


Or [cough] Usenet.


Do tell, what brand/model? I’ve got one of the last Panasonic Plasmas from 2013, but it’s not going to last forever.


It’s the Toshiba FireTV TV. Prime Day deal, I think the regular price is like $350. Replaced my 2006-era Westinghouse piece of shit 42" LCD, my first HDTV, which I distinctly remember cost $1600. Took 12 years for that thing to break.

Edit: $380 now.


So a Prime Day deal that didn’t suck, cool. You pretty happy with it? Does it have the right kind of HDR to work with the current gen consoles/games?