Probably cutting the TV cord soon--advice?


That looks like pretty great performance for the price, but it also looks to be pretty strongly directional. Most urban places I have helped people de-cable, there are broadcasts they want from multiple directions, so if you can do with just 1 and no combiner you are lucky.


If you live in one of the markets they support, Locast offers completely free streaming live TV. This is apparently legal through a loophole.


After what happened to Aereo, it will be interesting to see if this company can survive the impending lawsuits.


They have a legal retransmission loophole that’s been used for decades now. They are a non-profit and don’t charge for the service, so there’s a pretty good chance they make it. There’s no DVR so I personally have no use for the service, but it’s neat nevertheless.


What does them being non-profit have to do with it?


They don’t make any money. Aero was charging a fee.


Does this have to do with licensing? I don’t know that being commercial or not commercial has anything to do with whether or not they’re allowed to do what they’re doing. Companies love to use non and not for profits by the way. Several of the large corps target them specifically.

okay so it is special, the lack of charging, due to the nature of the law they’re using then, copyright not licensing too.

Goodfriend and the recently launched (a contraction of “local” and “broadcast”) are relying on Title 17, Chapter 1, section 111 a)5 of the Copyright Act — which, for those without a copy handy, covers exemptions from exclusive rights to broadcast transmissions. It grants that exemption if “the secondary transmission is not made by a cable system, but is made by a governmental body, or other nonprofit organization, without any purpose of direct or indirect commercial advantage, and without charge to the recipients of the secondary transmission other than assessments necessary to defray the actual and reasonable costs of maintaining and operating the secondary transmission service.”

there’s a Roku app… time to check it out.


That’s the loophole. Non-commercial and non-profit.

I’m sure they’ll still be sued sooner or later.


My kingdom for a way to fool location services into thinking I live in the Minneapolis market.


Antenna technology has been pretty mature for, oh, 70 years or so? The GE linked by J_Thomas is a standard design for UHF antennas - a bow-tie driven element plus a couple of directors all in front of a parabolic reflector screen. I wasn’t sure at first how it was supposed to function at VHF, until I noticed the larger folded dipole in the middle of the reflector screen. VHF won’t be very directional and will have very little gain (and I believe it is only intended to work well on the above-FM VHF TV band.

The ClearStream? I have no idea what that is or how it is supposed to work.


There are several VPNs that allow you to pick a city. Private Internet Access has many in the US to choose from, but Minneapolis is not one of them.


Yeah, a VPN will do it. Dallas, Chicago, and NYC are more likely endpoints than Minnesota.


Where are you seeing Minneapolis as one of the cities they support? Because it’s not on the list that I get, and I live in St. Paul and there are no broadcasts available.


Copeknight didn’t actually say he wanted to use this service. He just said he wants a way to fool the service into thinking he can’t use it because he’s in the Minneapolis market.


Rock8man is correct. Sorry for the confusion. I was speaking hypothetically. I would gladly pay for one of the services that includes local channels if only I could get the Minneapolis ones.


YouTube TV supports Minneapolis, and it has all the locals. $40/month. Main remaining problem is that CBS forces VOD on recorded content, so if you watch CBS shows you may not like that. Other than that, it’s peaches.

Also you can share your login with family members in the same area. And even outside that area, if they’re techies.


I can neither read nor write tonight. I would love to be able to fool services like, say, PS Vue into thinking that I am in the Minneapolis market. (I’m actually in the Bismarck, ND one.)

Locast, as pointed out, doesn’t support the Mpls. market. I was just speaking hypothetically. I wish I could access Mpls. locals from SW North Dakota using any service, free or not. (That’s mostly for nostalgia. I was born and raised in Minnesota, so I want those channels.)


NordVPN has servers in Minneapolis.


Thanks for that. I will have to explore that.


Initial impressions of NordVPN are that streaming video would not work well:

That’s about 17 times slower than not using it. :(