Probably cutting the TV cord soon--advice?


You can can right click the application, assuming your not hiding that it’s running, and exit it and launch it again. That’s basically restarting it. I have it going at start-up so all my streamings, tablets, etc. can get to it at anytime. If that doesn’t work, I shut it down, restart the entire PC. I assume it’s just CBS you’re having trouble with, none of the other US broadcast channels?


Usually around the time I need to restart Plex Media Server (which is, well, maybe every couple months), they’ve rolled out a new update. So instead of restarting I just go to updates and let it download the new one and restart it for me. It’s… convenient, I guess?

Edit: In case this post makes it look like I don’t like Plex, let me disabuse you of that notion. I love it soooo sooooo much.


I’ve restarted the Plex server a number of times, but haven’t tried restarting the PC and immediately trying to connect.

As far as what broadcast channels I’m having trouble with apart from CBS, I haven’t been able to play anything on NBC or Fox or the CW (the latter gives me “Cannot load M3U8: Crossdomain Access denied”) but have been able to play PBS stuff and ABC stuff, but the latter only by unchecking the Direct Play and Direct Stream options in the Player settings.


Well this sounds like you are having trouble with more than just CBS. You’re region is fine right? USA?


I live in Portland and my ISP is Comcast, so I can’t imagine why it would be anything else. Is there a place to check that in the Plex Media Server?


There is. There is a Region check in Plex in the advanced section. I am not sure it would be an issue since ABC works but you never know. Under a different ISP I had years ago, it was an issue because for a reason no one could explain, Plex thought I was in Canada. You should be able to see the Region selection in Advanced somewhere. I can’t look right now but I know there is one.


OK, found the setting, changed it from “autodetect” to USA, saved it, restarted the Plex server, and still no go. :-(

Oh well.


Yep. I’ve used these for over a year now, first with cable internet service (no TV) and then with U-verse. In my experience, it doesn’t matter whether there is anything else being passed through the coax or not.

All of your coax outlets have to be connected, of course. Before we bought our house, the previous owners had installed a DirecTV dish, and that coax was apparently on a different line than the local cable company’s and covered about half of the house. I had to go out to the external cable box and switch lines around on the splitters to make sure signal was going to every outlet.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that there is a compatibility problem with DirecTV. Whether that’s this adapter or MoCA in general, I’m not sure.


Thanks, I thought it would but wanted to get confirmation from someone who’s been through it.


Well I am no expert clearly. I think Plex has a community or maybe reach out to their support. It’s so odd ABC would work but not the others. I’ve been watching CBS though on Rokue and Fire devices for about 8 years so I know that channel works fine most of the time.


Forgot to mention that there is a compatibility problem with DirecTV. Whether that’s this adapter or MoCA in general, I’m not sure.


Compatibility with DirecTV won’t be a problem, I’m not going to use Satellite or cable TV. I’m going to try Sling TV, they now have all the sports channels that I watch. The whole Sling TV package will cost $50 a month and I can get DSL for around $35 a month. That’s $85 a month compared to the $140 I pay now with Comcast.


Just an update: I got myself a Roku TV stick (2016 model) and the very same channels that give me a problem in Firefox, Windows 7 x64, seem to play fine through the Plex channel on Roku streaming from the Plex Media Server on my PC, go figure.

Anyway, I think I’m going to take advantage of that Hulu 5.99 deal. I can always switch to commercial free if those become too much of a pain I hope–I mean, I’d be paying them more money, so I can’t see how they’d have an objection to that.


That’s great to here about the Roku stick. I’ve had a lot of success with Roku. I am usually about a generation behind and use one model down from their top model. The stick menus can be a little sluggish (maybe not compared to cable boxes though), so if you like the interface but find menu navigation too slow you might consider that.

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And yeah, I’m pretty psyched about cutting the cord. I hope Comcast doesn’t give me a lot of trouble about that–they’re rather infamous about making it difficult to cancel services. I know they’re going to try to sweet talk me into a contract (the only one I’ll even consider is one that charges me less for the same stuff I get already–I don’t want VOIP telephony, home security BS or any new stuff–well, maybe HBO, but the total would still have to be less than what I pay now).


The one that says I’ve posted something like 32% more than others in this thread and maybe I should shut-up and give other people a chance to talk… except this isn’t one of those debate P/R threads. I am posting as often as I do because I’ve been a cord-cutter before streamers were where they are at today, anyone remember the Vizio Co-Star (POS). I figure since I am almost indifferent between Roku and Amazon devices I thought my POV would be valid. I do have Smart Bluray players and Smart TVs… there’s a reason I’ve never suggested just using those unless you really, really can’t afford a better device.


We are also in the process of looking at cord cutting options. I tried out PS Vue, Hulu and CBS all access over the weekend and they were all very good. We have been Dish Network customers for almost 16 years and love their service, but the wife finally noticed the bill amount and gave me the green light to explore other options.

I called Charter and Dish to day to see what they may offer and Charter (as expected) told me I could add TV to my Charter internet and phone service. The price was around $96 for the 3 products with 12 months of free DVR service. That’s pretty decent, but the year 2 price increases really tarnish the deal. The overall cost jumps to almost $150 and I would only have a single DVR and no 2nd or 3rd TV access like we currently have with the DISH Hopper/Joey system.

Dish Network told me I could subscribe to their recent Flex package which has all the surfing channels we typically watch (AMC, HGTV, Discovery, History, TLC) but no ESPN. Despite being a huge sports fan, I have decided that I could go without ESPN if I need to. This package would allow us to keep our Hopper/Joey system and would cost $39 with local channels. They also said I could get a $5 discount for 24 months since I use paperless billing. So $34 for about $50 channels looks like it may be a better deal than the $65 for the Americas top 120 package and we can still channel surf using a guide that looks like an actual channel guide.Dish also offered me a $35 credit for 6 months which i previously had but forgot when it expired. I think this is what caused my wife to notice the amount since she was probably used to the discounted price that we had for those 6 months.

I will also say that we were very impressed with the PS Vue service. the only downside is that we do not have local channels included in our area yet, which would require us to subscribe to Hulu and CBS all access or purchase a Tablo, Channelmaster or Tivo OTA DVR. If PS Vue gets our local channels down the road, we might switch to that and get rid of Dish.


We cut a few years ago.

Our solution is:
Tivo Roamio OTA with a TV antenna mounted on the house – all networks, plus about a half-dozen channels that show classic TV shows.
Xbox One with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu ad-free

With this setup, we buy maybe three TV show seasons a year. It covers all the rest… Total cost (not counting Prime which we’d have anyway) is under $30/month vs. $100+ for DirecTV. We got the lifetime plan on the Roamio when they had a sale price on it when we bought the unit.

Tivo Mini the bedroom to cover that, and I run Plex for any non-streaming content we want to watch.


I wish this was more viable in Canada - certainly a lot of people have done it here, but all we legally have as an option is Netflix - no Amazon, Hulu, or other subscription services. Everyone I know who has snipped things uses an illegal streamer.

I would miss my cable PVR and channels like TCM too. It’s absurd how the cable companies haven’t reacted with my subscriber-friendly choices to thwart this trend. I hope they eventually are forced to “itune” and gave us the legitimate choice of paying solely for the channels we want at a reasonable rate.


They’ll be getting my money in the near future.