Problem child? How about sending him to a 3rd world prision?

For the low price of 20-50 thousand dollars a year.

Seriously I began reading this yesterday and since then I’ve been reading every single article, board posting, court transcript, on these “Teen Help” programs.

It’s a bit of a read, but very eye-opening…

If you’re still interested check out these chilling transcrips.

There’s already a mile-long thread about this on QT3.

The whole thing makes me ill.

Ack sorry. If I could delete the post I would. :\

See what happens when you do not visit every single day and view every single thread. :wink:

IE see what happens when you have no life like Tyjenks.

That was kinda my joke there. I appreciate you pointing it out, though.

Plus i’m helping you pad your post count to boot!

No your not.

I’ll write some software to keep track of Tyjenks posting frenzy in real time. Sort of a Tyjenks-o-Meter™, if you will. I’m envisioning something along the lines of those big red YMCA funding thermometer billboards that slowly fills up.

You do that without my written permission and I’ll sue your wumpass.

weeps openly