Problem updating Flash for Firefox

My partner has three browsers, Firefox, Opera and IE. She was trying to update her version of Flash for Firefox, but every time she tries to do the update, it’s Opera that gets updated instead. We even tried renaming her Opera folder, hoping the Flash install would think it wasn’t there and then move on to Firefox, but that didn’t work - instead, the install log just showed an error that it couldn’t find Opera.

The install file for Opera and Firefox are the same on the Adobe site.

Any ideas?

Make a decision and choose one or the other :)

You can’t be the only people in the world trying to install Flash with FF/Opera both installed. There’s gotta be some troubleshooting somewhere.

Check what’s running on Task Manager. She might have a process (A dead firefox window maybe) preventing the install. Reboot if necessary.

She could also have a funky permission issue preventing the install.