Problem with GT4 disc or system?

I’m looking at finally pick up a Gran Tursimo game for the first time. 1. It might help my driving ability , and 2 it’s only 20$. The strange thing is that at eb I wanted to try it out before I bought it ,and all four copies they have would not run in any ps2 they had hooked up. It kept saying read disc, and could not find data. I heard a rumor that older ps2 models could not run GT4, but the ones there could play KH2 and Burnout Revenge. Is there any truth to this rumor? As my ps2 is about 3 years old I think.

It’s got nothing to do with how old your PS2 is. It has to do with how clean your PS2 is. Dirty lens = can’t play some games.

Keep your PS2 clean.

I keep my current gen systems hooked up in my den, it’s a big room and it’s less dusty then my room. So far the only game I’ve had a long load time with was SMT Nocturne, I think because it was used alittle scratched, but that is about 10 seconds more load time then the average game.

My PS2 is 5 or 6 years old (6 i think, it was one of the first in the country), and GT4 works fine with it. The only way oyu’re going to know is to buy it and try it at home.

Oh. And no driving game is going to improve the way you drive. I mean, if you were actually going to drive those tracks, it might increase your familiarity with the track layout*, but it is absolutely not going to make you a more skilled driver. It’s a lot of fun, though!

    • even that is debatable, for example, you have no idea just how steep and DEEP that corkscrew is at Laguna Seca until you see it for yourself. Then you’re like “WTF! no way i can take that at 30mph!”

Some older PS2s had or developed problems reading dual-layer discs, which could affect GT4 since it’s one of the few games using a dual-layer disc. If your PS2 can play dual-layer DVDs fine, then it should have no trouble with GT4.

Do you have any examples of dual layered dvd games? Are those the ones with the blue reading part?

PS2 blue discs are CDs. PS2 silver discs are single layer DVDs. PS2 gold discs are dual layer DVDs

Some DVD-9 (dual layer) games:
Gran Turismo 4
God of War
Kessen 3
Madden NFL 2005 collectors edition
Metal Gear Solid Substance
The Guy Game
Realms of Everquest
50 cent bulletproof

My PS2 is around 5 years old and GT4 plays fine. A friend’s PS2 is around the same age and is also able to play GT4. If yours is clean and can read dual-layer discs fine, you should be good. Also, even though you say yours is in a relatively non-dusty area of the house, you’d be surprised how much dust can build up in a piece of electronics that’s never cleaned for 3 years.

Well that’s some good news, I have Substance and played God of War.

Do you remember the alex zanardi pass on bryan herta on the corkscrew?
I’ve tried that many a time in videogames and rarely make it. That guy was absolutely insane.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, watch here

seriously, everybody should watch that,^^^^^^

Ok I have one more question, should I get GT4 or 3 ? 3 is I think 2 bucks preowned at eb, Gt4 is of course 20 new.

yeah. it’s not just driving skill that gets you to first place, it’s having no fear of Death.

Actually, don’t buy it. PM me your postal address and I’ll just mail my copy off to you. I beat all the stages etc and haven’t played it in a while. Consider it a birthday present.