Problem with HL2 gift

Anyone have their HL2 gift stop working and say if you want to play it you have to pay $20? I got the orange box and because I already owned HL2 and EP1 I could gift them. I gift them to my Mom and she play it for a week. Now when she clicks on them from steam, it says she has to buy them. Any ideas what is happening? Were the HL2 gifts in the Orange box just a temp guest pass?

Now its working fine. I had her log off and log back on to steam and the game worked again. :\

I had an issue the other day where Portal and Team Fortress 2 didn’t show up in our list of purchases games, but a restart of Steam brought them back.

Easily fixed, but still annoying.

Your mom plays Half Life 2? That’s pretty cool. Mine finds Skype challenging enough.

Not really. She wouldn’t play it unless she got it free. She perfers Unreal Tournament games. She gets online and plays 2004 regularly. Her computer isn’t up to play UT3 yet. I’m trying to get her interested in Team Fortress 2.

Coolest mom ever.

My mom struggles with e-mail.

Yeah, it happened to me too (thanks Meister ^__^) and I started freaking out. It’s sort of a bummer, since Steam is set up to always be running and on a PC that isn’t powered down frequently, Steam won’t be restarted otherwise.

Oh well, it’s fixed easily enough.