Problem with links on IE toolbar

I’m using Windows XP Home and for some reason I can’t get my links to stay in the order I drag them on the tool bar. I never had this problem with Windows 98 SE. Windows keeps rearranging them the way it wants instead. Also, whenever I put an eBay link there, Windows always deletes it afer awhile. Anyone know what’s going on?

It might be spyware. Is your toolbar locked?

I’m not sure what locking the toolbar does, because it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether I lock it or not. Also, I’m very anal about using anti spyware programs like Spybot and Pest Patrol.

Also I notice, much to my chagrin, that when I try to rearrange my links it may stick that way in one window only, but remains in the same (unwanted) order on other web pages.

In IE things like the Links toolbar can be locked (right click on a blank spot on the bar). This prevents items on the bar from being moved around. If it’s unlocked, it’s possible things could be accidentally moved. IE also has some odd behavior regarding having multiple copies of itself open. It tends to “remember” the last window that was open and will sometimes stubbornly cling to its settings. I can’t say if this behavior was fixed or not after SP2 in XP or of it’s even considered a bug.