Problems with EA putting all the eggs into Gamespy's basket

See, right now, while I can happily read QT3 and every other site on the planet, Gamespy and most sites hosted by them, as well as the Battlefield 2 logon servers are dead to me.

So I can’t play.


On the same subject …

Why are we forced to use this lame-assed Gamespy login crap ? Like a lot of other people I can not change my nick nor will it accept some of the old nicks I have used with no problems with BF1942/DC.

It really pisses me off. :x



What will the hardcore clanners do, without the ability to change the easily clan tags in front of their name?

It strikes me as silly, really. Not to mention the only reason for doing the login ID is to track stats, which will only work on EA (and a few partners) servers.

It would be easy to track stats by user ID but allow people to change their in-game nickname whenever they want. This is the route that EA should have gone.

I guess it’s going to be a rush for me to be the only Worm on the professional servers. Unless my demo account transfers.

I think it’s your Gamespy ID. So if you’ve got “worm”, you will always be known as “worm”, forever.

And you can’t change it, without losing all your stats.

Gamespy only? That’s almost a deal breaker for me, I hate Gamespy.

I usually use in-game server browsers, because I’m too lazy to do it any other way, but the BF servers have always kind of sucked. They fixed the BFV server browser to be a little faster than “glacial” with a patch, but the BF2 server browsers falls back to its old crappy habits. (Hi! We mark servers that we can’t get ping info at 0 ping, SCREWING UP ANY SORT BY PING).

However, I think it’s unknown at this point whether BF2 will even support ASE and third-party browsers.

And oh yeah, did you guys notice that you have to log into the game to play single player? It’s like Fuck Steam, but without the marketing hype.

The game is great, the not-game isn’t.

Why doesn’t EA just make their own type service already? was a $500 million venture that was a total failure.

They are, I think, simply too big and too unmanageable to build something like that from the top-down.

Yeah it will carry over to the full game just fine. Just sucks for the rest of us who can’t get the name they want because some asslick registered it at Gamespy 3 fucking years ago.

Nope, I registered it seperately on the create account thing. I haven’t used Gamespy in so long. I think the last time was a year ago when I played AvP a little bit again.

The account stuff is managed through GameSpy ID, but you can create an all-new nickname for BF2. In other words, if someone has registered “Koontz” in some other game using GameSpy ID, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s taken in BF2.

Once someone registers the nickname in BF2, tho, that’s it. There can only be one Bodybag or Jmcmaster in the stats tracking.

ahhh i see

For those out there wondering, Bodybag and Jmcmaster are already taken. I know, I know, everyone wants to be Jmcmaster if not for just one game, but it’s taken. STOP SENDING ME EMAIL WANTING TO BUY MY NAME!!

I wish there was a sensor that could detect the force of which I headbutt my keyboard during play so that it could numerically measure my anger at being killed and keep that as part of the stats.