Problems With Steam

Since yesterday afternoon I’ve been unable to contact support. Performance in general has been sluggish at best,and not all the screens (i.e. my Wishlist) open at all.

Note I have no problem getting to the store via Firefox. but can’t from the native app.

Anyone else having issues?

No issues here. Hope you get it straightened out.

Are you only having problems with the App? Maybe try to uninstall/reinstall it?

I ran into the same about a month ago. I killed the download cache and then deleted the blob file, and that seemed to clear it up.

How did you do that?

The download cache can be killed from the settings menu; go to Downloads and from there, you’ll see a button toward the bottom which says “Clear Download Cache” (it used to be trickier back in the day, but now that part is pretty simple). After doing that, you can log out of Steam and go into your Steam directory. One of the files there (in the main directory) will have a .blob extension/file type. That saves your login info. You can delete it or simply rename it, and then when logging in again you’ll enter your user ID and password like it’s the first time and Steam will create a new “blob” file.

The Download screen is one that doesn’t open for me, but I’ll try getting rid of the .blob file. Thanks.

I may have had the same thing yesterday - could only see Library not Store etc. Reboot seemed to fix it.