Procedural Death Labyrinth -- the new name for Rougelike-lite-likes?

It’s a click-fest.

Piñata simulator.

from another thread.

Procedurally Generated Roguelike Indie Action Platfomer, which they then correct to “Randomized Roguelike Indie Action Game” (as if randomized is that different from procedurally generated…).

What does Roguelike mean here if not procedurally generated?!?!?!?!/1?12?2"?1"!? You can die and it’s game over? Is Mario a 3-times-roguelike? Arghhhhhhh. Stop killing the term.

I agree with you all that “Procedural Death Labyrinth” is a mouthful. Maybe Tom should make up a term and use it on the frontpage of QT3 when he gives a game 1 star? That’ll help spread the term far and wide.

I’ll continue to call games roguelikes.

All games, or just roguelikes? ;)

Roguelikes? That’s what they used to call PDLs.


Roguelikes mean games similar to Rogue, but roguelike-likes is the lazy and awkward way of saying a game has “roguelike elements”. Describing FTL and Spelunky as roguelike-likes would logically imply that they’re similar games, which they’re clearly not, but they do both have roguelike elements. We don’t have to torture the language when a solution already exists, basically.

rogueness (or rogueiness, or roguiness…hmmm guiness)
Example: FTL is a mid-roguiness game featuring low cps (clicks per second) real-time elements.

(Someone said “truthiness” to me yesterday.)

When I start my metal band this will be the name of our first album.

Life is a maze
Moral compass lost
Humanity breeds like flea’s
Procedural Death Labyrinth!

Jesus is lost
Satan has the map
Nuclear missile Armageddon
Procedural Death Labyrinth!

An old forest
Dark with viking blood
Where is the end to the mystery?
Procedural Death Labyrinth!

Thats your first song. I’ve included a few metal cliche’s to cover whatever metal sub-genre you’re playing.

This is an appropriate name because it sounds like police procedurals: everyone’s dumping them onto the market, and yet you can’t really blame them, because it’s an effective and popular style.

Haha that’s great! Works especially well with Doom Metal.