Prodeus - Boomer shooter heaven

Reminder: It’s on Game Pass. So you might already have access to it.

Oh, thanks for that. Noted.

Boomer shooter? Do I have to play this with my glasses on?

If you’re like me, then you’ll need glasses, a wrist support, and a donut pad on the seat!

This game rules. I don’t know what kind of magic they’re using to make it feel so good on controller when every other boomer shooter I’ve tried has failed.

Native res on PS5 has terrible framerate but 360p + CRT filter is a solid 60 FPS and I think I prefer that aesthetic anyway.

Guns feel and sound very good. Music is great too.

I only played the first level in EA (I like to sample and wait), and just got done with the first level on hard (60% secrets). It’s fun and I’m looking forward to seeing what this stuff I am collecting will provide for me. On to research.

I’ve only played part of the first level so far, but wow, what a difference. So many subtle little touches make it actually a good game now. The controller controls also feel way better now. But I still wasn’t able to exit the game when I got interrupted, so I had to ALT-F4 out.

Finished the first level today. What an absolute delight.

I’ve played a few levels. I think that the GOG version I’m playing isn’t 1.0, but it’s still great.

Edit, it’s actually released on GOG. Now I need to restart the campaign. No biggie.

Double Jump unlocked woo.

I can’t get over how boring Prodeus looks. I mean the visuals. Levels seem to use mostly the same texture for all walls, floor and ceilings (example: rock cave or metal corridor) so it has a too homogeneous look. Then add the fact that the most used color is grey. And on top of that the basic enemies are greyish. So, yeah…

And the blood. Omg. ‘Better’ would have been preferable to ‘more’. Instead of dropping 50 gallons per killed enemy, they could have tried for better blood because it really look like bright plastic paint.

I will admit I’m liking their rail fun, in both modes.

I’d agree with all those criticisms but I only played through the first level. Hopefully later levels will have more visual variety and color. There are still some nice touches in the graphics like the rain drops and skyboxes and gooey splatter on your hands. Perfect Game Pass game!

I’m enjoying it, but the visual thing that bugs me the most is the low-frame gun animation.

Like I get the style choice, but it drives my eyes crazy when my character is sprinting and shooting crazy fast and the weapon animation is so damn slow. The contrast is jarring and I hate it.

Yeah I dislike that, as I dislike the whole faux-retro all too pixelated look.

Oh come on! This is one of the few retro shooters I actually like the look of, and you guys are being negative about it. Haha.

I don’t mind the look in the full release. Back in the Early Access it bothered me.

I think it’s because they honed the actual user experience in the full release. The difficulty progression, the tight gamepad controls, etc. are so much better. So given that, the look of the game feels like an interesting artistic choice instead of a lazy choice like it did in Early access.

Don’t get me wrong, I giggled like a maniac when I got to unleash the mini gun on a room full of demons.

Some of the things present just could have had a little bit of polish or optional toggles imo. But eh, it’s clearly a vibe choice so whatever.

I’m playing on Gamepass, so once I get bored it’ll get uninstalled regardless.

Recommended by Eurogamer.

All of the levels take place on your lawn.

I played first three missions and damn, this is a delicious homage to Doom. Great atmosphere and music, and so crunchy gameplay. Gamepass rules.