Prodigal Son

I didnt see a thread on this show so I figured I would start one.

I just finished the winter finale of Prodigal Son and I must say, of all of the new shows this fall, this is the best of the lot. Tom Payne plays Malcolm Bright, son of The Surgeon, an imprisoned serial killer. ( excellently portrayed by Michael Sheen ) Bright is a former FBI profiler, who was fired by the Feebs and now works as a consultant for the police. Halston Sage, who some may recognize as Ly. Kitan from The Orville is there as well, as Malcolms sister. You even get Lou Diamond Phillips as a police detective. Bright and his father have a kind of Clarice/Hannibal relationship but with a much darker personal relationship. And Malcolm is pretty messed up because of that relationship but he is also a very good profiler so the police put up with his weirdness. Anyway if you like profiler type crime drama, this is a pretty good one.

How can you forget Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax, among others) as Malcolm’s mother?

Edit: except it isn’t, because I have the dum, but you should still watch it.

I should have started a thread sooner. Great show that hardly anyone here seems to be watching. My only concern is that they are dipping too heavily into the meta arc, especially so early. Though, admittedly, that arc is more central to the show’s conceit than usual.

Wait, really? …oh, right, I never got as far as the switchover to Ezri.

Edit: nevermind. I was wrong.

She’s also delightful as Matt Shade’s ex on Private Eyes.

That would be Bellamy Young as Malcolm’s mother. Although she does have a similar face so I can see the confusion.

Aww, dammit. Next you’re going to tell me there were two different Darren’s on Bewitched.


Havent seen any new posts on this show but I am still watching it and it is still great fun. Michael Sheen really elevates the show and is great every time he hits the screen. The rest of the cast is quite good as well.
The latest episode included Alan Cummings as a conceited and self involved British author/investigator who is going after Malcom’s family for the murder of a billionaire. His scene with Sheen was a lot of fun with both chewing scenery in massive amounts.