Production Line - Cliff Harris takes on car manufacturing


Don’t apologize! Maybe I’m weird because I can’t dissociate from it as it’s just a game :)


Rumor has it that if you post your personal issue with a game or games to this thread you get a free pass from being called weird.


Yep I thought about that as I posted :)


I’ve just been informed that I have a “30% off for Big Pharam Owners”. Which would make it around £13.64.

(Speaking of which, @cliffski2 … why is it £19.49 to begin with? Is that a specific UK amount, or is it automatically calculated from $USD? Or is it the ultimate version of the car salesman technique applied to all 4 digits?)


Its valves suggested price when you set the dollar price to $24.95. I just always accept the valve conversion for each currency :D


Very excited to see this!

Please add more scenarios (and achievements pplbbbthhhh! emoji2 )
with the DLC.


What specialisation do you need to install flux capacitors?


Mad scientist


Props to cliffski for a funny DLC name.


Yes, well done on the name 😄


And to be fair gull-wing is a pretty stupid name so it deserves it.


TBH I always thought ‘suicide doors’ (yes its a thing) had the most dumb name… :D




I thought they were appropriate, given that all London black cabs have them!


Murder doors?

I like gull wing doors but nothing tops ‘doors that go like this.’


I think suicide doors are aptly named. If you are sitting in the back seat when the car is going 35 mph or faster and stupidly open the door the wind speed would whip those doors open with enough force to throw you out of the car and in all likelihood kill you. Hence a good and painful way of committing suicide.


I always thought it was because they opened backwards into traffic and so you couldn’t properly check the road to see if it was safe to exit while simultaneously giving the threat of slamming back into you if a car hit it.


Did someone say English cabs have these doors?


I also believe that gangster cars from the 1920’s had them as well.


Some do, some don’t. The new TX5 electric cabs do.