Profound disappointment in one's children

Have any of you had a situation in which your children did something so terrible that you thought you would never look at them the same way again? Well it happened to me today.

The girls wanted to watch Elf and my daughter opened up the DVD case and said “this one” pointing to the fullscreen disc.

“OK” I said and proceeded to get the widescreen disc out of the case.

“No! This one!” my daughter insisted.

“OK” I said as I got out the fullscreen disc.

I went over to the TV and began to stealthily swap the discs because I didn’t think that she would see me. She did. “OTHER ONE!” she said testily.

With a lump in my throat and a sinking feeling in my stomach I put the fullscreen disc in the player. Black bars came up on the sides of the screen and I realized it.

My daughter prefers pan and scan.


Buck up, cherry blossom. If there’s one thing you can’t beat yourself up over, it’s children and old people’s lousy taste. She’ll grow out of it.


I hope so. She’s only three and a half so there’s room for optimism.


And you’re worried about a preference for pan and scan?


Seriously though Elf is quality.

Dude, you think this is bad, just wait till she starts bringing home boys. You ain’t gonna like any of 'em.

Is there a reason you keep both discs? I would have thrown the fullscreen version away knowing I’d never use it. Maybe you secretly think you’ll someday want to watch that version?

Yeah…like what if she came home with you one day?!



So @spoofychop how’d that fullscreen preferring daughter turn out in the end?

…just, why? SpoofyChop hasn’t even posted since last March?

How did this thread even get necroed? It’s 12 years old!!!

It looks like Wumpus just randomly brought it back to ask someone for an update that hasn’t been around for almost a year. Unless there was another bump and it got deleted.

Same reason I’m not dead yet: I want to see how the story ends.

You are referring to the story of how his little kid didn’t understand how full screen was not actually as good as wide screen - which, by the way, is a tale damn near as old as VHS tapes? My guess is his daughter turned out fine, and if he wanted to talk about her maybe let him bring it up? You asking about her 12 years later is a little … I won’t say creepy, but it is a little odd.

It’s not like I’m asking to date her, I’m just curious, maybe she turned into a cinemaphile? What do one’s children become, in the end?

Assholes, generally speaking.

I mean Jesus look at me

I personally think it would be humorous to know the result of ‘12 years later’. Especially if she still enjoys watching Elf around the holidays and such. Useless bump, maybe - but no more so than the occasional bumps of the drilling-holes-in-monitor thread. I don’t think anything creepy was meant.

I suppose. I don’t really see what would be humorous about if she still likes to watch Elf on the holidays, myself, nor if she’s still into watching movies without black borders, but to each his own. I never really thought anything was creepy about the bump, just … odd. An odd thing to wonder about. So many other, better threads to bump, why this one?

Just some form of closure, I think. It was a goofy thread to begin with, and few forums have the consistent population that QT3 has to even make necro’ing a personal thread like this viable.