Programmable XBox Controllers?

Hey guys,

I just got Crimson Skies based on the reviews and how good it looked over at Tom’s place. I really like the setup and things look good so far but I am having an immensely hard time flying with the default setup, the control stick on the left hand. I’ve tried non-inverted and inverted and the problem is with me not having enough left hand coordination, not the game: I just CANNOT fly with my left hand on the stick. Don’t know why, I guess I am just too right handed - my left hand has pretty poor coordination. I don’t have a lot of console experience. All my 3D experience is on the PC, using right hand on the mouse to aim. I feel like I could fly Crimson Skies if I could use the right stick to steer instead of the left.

I’m not certain that I’d be able to fly right handed but I’m failing miserably left handed. Like to the point of needing 30 minutes to kill the first guy in the tutorial. I’ve played about 2 hours and managed a total of 2 kills. I suck, I know :). But I’ve tried and tried and my left hand just doesnt respond with anywhere near the dexterity I need. I am doing fine using the right for rotating and such, but the control yoke on the left is horrid. Is there any way to give my right hand the control yoke?

Is there any way to flip the controllers, like a mod or other program? Or failing that, are there programmable XBox controllers that I can switch the right and left stick controls?

Actually a good programmable controller would be nice to have in general. I like the mid-sized (standard) controller that came with my XBox (the one with the black and white buttons below the action buttons). If I could find a good programmable controller in that size, that would be great.

Any tips?



If you’re really into the game and willing to drop more money on it, Thrustmaster has an Xbox flightstick. I haven’t touched it, so I can’t comment on the quality, but hopefully it’s better than its supremely silly name, The Top Gun Fox 2 Pro.