Project Cars 3: Linda Ronstadt should get this car

Title Project Cars 3: Linda Ronstadt should get this car
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game diaries
When February 11, 2021

I've driven some weird vehicles in my day. Once you get into the Badlands in Red Faction: Guerilla, you'll find some real doozies. The Batmobile has its share of idiosyncrasies..

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Great article. Also yeah today’s Rivals daily was nutty. Loved it though.

It used to be that the batteries in Formula E cars couldn’t do a full race distance, so when you came in for your pitstop you just jumped out of your current ride and got into a whole other car.

Wait, isn’t that cheating? You’re allowed to switch cars during a race?

EDIT: My lord, even watching that clip, it’s like they have the sound turned off. So weird…


Let’s also remember Formula E’s Fanboost and Formula EJ! I’ve never watched a race, but a podcast about speedy racecars made it sound like a hoot.

“Pick-ups can['t] be far behind.”

I don’t know if you know by now after watching electric car documentaries but this little video explains quite well why most electric cars only need one gear.