Project Cars 3 - More cars and this time, there are upgrades

The big change is the upgrade system. Taking a page from a bunch of other CARPG games, you can now improve your cars with upgrades (cosmetic and performance-enhancing) and not just tweak settings.

Do we know if it has VR support like the previous two iterations? :)

You may need to upgrade your game in order to do that.

That’s a nice trailer. I think that’s the Suzuka circuit at the end of the trailer.

I wonder if they will have super smooth rates on old consoles? I was turned off by horrible frame rates in the original Project Cars on Xbox One.

I read some of the DriveClub developers are working on this. That got me interested.

Not interested. When I play PC2, I just jump in for some hot laps around one of the circuits or maybe a short race. I don’t care about making my car +1 gooder, and I absolutely don’t want to grind content in order to do it.

I don’t think Suzuka was in either of the first two Project Cars.

The driving experience in the first two games has varied between ok and poor depending on the car, so if they’re turning down the sim rating here for something a bit less rigorous and adding a proper career path then I’d be happy with that.

That’s Interlagos. Pic is T1.

Never tried 1, but my understanding is that the physics in 2 is a big improvement over the first title. I was hoping that 3 would continue the trend. It still could, I suppose.

I thought PC1 was ok physics-wise, if you could handle cars sometimes driving upside down. And backwards.

Add in utterly random netcode accidents in multiplayer or AI that were frequently violently incompetent in single player and it was a game with problems, but I still logged ten times as many hours in PCars1 because PCars2 felt like a mess to me from the get go with some cars that I found just utterly undriveable.

It’s possible this was down to the default setups all being “aggressive” but I failed to find a car that felt good to drive right out of the box anywhere in the game.

However, one thing that should be transferred from PCars2 to all other sim games that have a leaderboard is the ability to copy the setup from anyone on the hotlap board. It’s not magic - a faster guy is still going to be faster - but it helped to understand what people were doing to bring the cars to heel a little bit.

Tried to get into both previous releases and just couldn’t. Just something about their driving model that always became frustrating. Might have something to do with hearing they focused on wheels first with controller being sort of an afterthought.

Launching August 28th.