Project Cars 3 - More cars and this time, there are upgrades

Wait. What? It’s just a single button to control speed/braking?

It’s like a rhythm game. You tap the screen to change gear when you’re told to, tap and hold when you go through a red ring and then release the hold when you go through a green ring.

Imagine you have a fancy sim-racing rig and someone asks to try it, but they’ve never driven anything before, so you do the pedals for them while they steer. Except the pedals are one button.

The Slightly Mad Studios-developed series was launched in 2015, with EA confirming today that it has made the decision to “stop further development and investment” in the franchise.

The announcement was made internally and it’s unclear at this stage to which extent staff could be affected. EA said that employees working on Project CARS will be moved into “suitable” roles “wherever [they] can.”

As of 2019 when Codemasters acquired it, Slightly Mad Studios employed 150 staff. understands Electronic Arts came to this decision after evaluating the status of Project CARS following its acquisition of Codemasters, concluding that it was unlikely to become a successful game or fit in with the rest of the publisher’s racing portfolio.

Jokes on you, EA, because Slightly Mad Studios gave up years ago after Project Cars 2 came out.

Reiza have shown that you can make gold out of the Madness engine with Automobilista 2, but SMS got further away from it with every release.

Good news, Past Me! This feature is in AMS2 - on the Time Trial leaderboards look for a time that has a spanner icon. Add that ghost to your Time Trial session. Now inside the session you’ll be able to load that person’s custom setup to your car and see what they changed from the default.

Oh man, that’s a cool feature I didn’t know about. Going to have to try that out next time I play. Between that and Reiza announcing Indianapolis coming soon, I should have a lot to look forward to.