Project Gorgon: chill and grind


That does look pretty neat. I don’t mind older graphics, so I might try this if I need a break from the two MMOs I currently subscribe to. Thanks!


I have been playing this most of the day, and plan on playing it some tomorrow, most likely.

However, I must say, this game represents the absolute worst of MMO game design. I am not sure why people like it.
It should be called: Project Grind

Do you like faction quests? Every NPC in this game is its own faction, most of them will sell very little or not even really talk to you without raising your faction with them. There are several tiers of faction as well.

Then there are the trade skills which are grindy as all hell. So some lady needs flowers for her faction quest. There are flowers all over, but you can’t pick them until you level up your foraging skill. When you finally have enough skill to pick a damn flower, you find out that you do NOT actually pick a flower. Instead you get the flower seeds. You need a decent level of gardening to be able to plant these seeds. Then it gets better, you need fertilizer at some point for these flowers and will the vendor teach you how to do this? Sure, after you do her faction quest.

Then gardening is done is perhaps the worst way possible. Lets say you want a bunch of potatoes (which are useless until you level up cooking and of course you will need faction with the cooking trainer too). Anyway, you can only plant 2 potatoes at once for some unknown reason. Then you need to wait a while, maybe 30 seconds. Then you need to water them with individual water bottles (make sure you are stocked up), and then you need to wait some more. Finally you can pick them. Higher tier plants take longer and have other stages as well.

Seriously, just let me plant like 20 at once, even if they take 2 hours to grow, that’s fine as long as I do not need to stand there during the process. Just let me come back later to collect them.

I decided to play a fire mage, and after doing the fire mage guy’s faction quest (boy did I get lucky, I needed a grape which spawn all over, but I still do not have enough foraging to pick, I found one in a random box somewhere). So now I have fire spells, and to gain new spells, I need to do research. After the basic ones, you need fire dust. I got some with some quests with the fire trainer, but not very much. Anyway, so I am at a tier where I can easily kill basic mobs (pigs and wimpy wolves) but anything harder will waste me. So I spend a long time killing these bastards so I can get to level 10 fire magic. Then I finally do, and buy my next tier of research. Now I need 2x fire powder per spell (there are 6 at this tier), and guess what? I do not have enough fire powder. Who sells this stuff? NOBODY! That’s who.

There are some higher tier undead that can drop it (I asked in chat), but these undead will wipe the floor with me (remember, I have been farming low level critters, way below these undead).

Eventually I find a player-vendor that will sell me some, at a very high price and I get my tier 10 spells. They are a little better then my tier 5 spells. Now guess what I get to do? Grind a bunch of slightly tougher mobs for a good long while so I can get my tier 15 spells (at which point I am told that I can stand a chance on the undead in the ‘newbie’ dungeon).

Its like the game designers took the worse aspects of MMO game design and put them all in one game. I just want to see this newbie dungeon before I uninstall this game. Maybe Ill do that tomorrow, if I have the patience.


Grind is only grind if it feel like a grind. I don’t think the game is designed to let somebody get to max level anything… in a single day.


It definitely feels that way to me. I get tired of killing the same monsters everywhere and then just to have to kill them over and over to level skills. Or to plant a bunch of the same kinds of things over and over isn’t interesting to me.

I am tired of doing a bunch of missions, like collect 20 spider legs, or give me 10 feathers or whatever for every single npc you meet. I have had this one to get cat eyes forever. I have killed dozens of tigers but only have gotten one eye. And my reward? Some ‘rep’ xp, which may not even push my rep to the next level, and when I finally do, all it will allow me the privilege of buying something slightly higher tier.

I generally do not like MMOs after running them through the ground playing WoW. I was hoping for something different here, but it really isn’t. I have no idea what they developers are trying to accomplish.


Downloaded the game this morning and before I knew it 2 hours had gone by; I find it totally relaxing just exploring and leveling skills. I have always liked skill based MMO games where you use a skill and then the corresponding skill goes up, however most games of this type don’t have cool loot or quests. This does which is great.

I like the fact that there are multiple drivers in this game, and you are not just totally focused on running from ‘question mark’ to ‘question mark’ completing some quest line and leveling up so you can go to the next area.

I have some quests and the goal is to escape the starter island, but I feel no pressure to do so.

On the negative side the graphics and interface are very ‘indi’ and some of the humor is ‘lame’ for lack of a better word.

Thanks for the heads-up Teiman, and I think I will support this with money when it comes to Steam. It will be interesting to see how it holds up once I leave the starter island.


Sorry for the necro. Wondering if anyone is still playing this. Anything new?


I only have a functioning PC, and is this mac book air, and this game overheat like crazy in it. So I stopped playing it.

I may return in the future, because yea, is a super chill game.


This is now available on Steam:

Price is a little high though.


@RichVR I just started and I’m LOVING it. I have missed SWG in its glory days and this has help with that itch. I do hope they make the graphics better as they say they will but the game is so good that the graphics don’t bother me to much.

@DeepT sounds to me like you would do better with a theme park mmorpg if you dont like this game. It is for people who like to progressively skill their characters, farm and take time to make their character the way they want him/her to be. It’s a great game to play with a show playing in the background. It is more for someone with patience and who likes a good rpg. Hope you find what you want eventually.


I meant to take a closer look at this and totally forgot.

Considering that I played and enjoyed EQ, UO, and Wurm Online (Unlimited) in the past year, it sounds like something I could enjoy. I will do a little reading up on it. I want to make sure I can still accomplish things solo and see how they have the guild system set up, although with things like Discord, I suppose in game resources for guilds and communication aren’t quite as necessary as they used to be.


You have my attention! (And welcome to the forum)


Friends, this is on sale again. If I were someone who loves MMOs for their quests, but also prefer to play solo, like in Elder Scrolls Online, is this the game for me?


That is a tough question. I know you asked me my impressions earlier when I purchased this, but I just haven’t had enough time to dig into it much yet.

It definitely seems to have quests, but I don’t believe they are like the quests in ESO. I believe they are harder to find and there is not much assistance provided in figuring out how to complete them. There also seems to be a faction layer that adds complexity to even having access to basic functions like banking or merchant actions or perhaps quests too. Wikis probably help immensely here, though.

There is quite a bit of jank to the combat and while there are many skills and an open ended approach to building your character, it seems everyone starts out the same and acquiring many skills may be delayed for a long period of time, or hidden behind involved quests or tedious work. For a long, patient MMO that allows a lot of freedom and slow and steady improvement, it seems pretty cool, but it also seems like it may be really tedious to get to some of the more interesting skills, and very difficult to get some off the ground like DeepT mentions above with fire magic.

I am still on the newbie island, but I did like that even the initial mobs dropped a wide range of gear. The gear system seems to be very robust in that there are many levels of rarity like white, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, etc. and has a Diablo or even a Steven Peeler-like designed loot system where you can get a wide range of gear with special stats and boosts to abilities even at very low levels on random mobs. I love that sort of thing and may get me to come back to it when I have time.

People have said the community is great, but I hadn’t played enough to experience that yet. Maybe I should dig back in this weekend.


I don’t think so. Is more a sandbox game.

Quest are going to be “click here” or “kill 3 ants” type.

Is a very good game, but I would not describe it has “game with good quests”.

You can play solo, but if you try to kill a boss, you can get cursed and need the help of a team.


Thanks guys, sounds like a pass for me.


So this has a demo now!

Can’t wait to try it!


So I played the demo over the weekend and easily lost over an hour to it without realizing it. It’s still clunky, but there’s a lot to like. I’ll definitely get it on sale at some point.


K, bought the full game and LOVING IT.


What do you like about it?


The combat is fun, the skills are really varied (you can use psychology as a weapon, and study the anatomy of dead things to learn more about them, all of which give XP by the way) and so far the writing is hilarious. I entered a dungeon where the game warned me “YOUR CHARACTER IS GETTING THE INTUITION THAT SOMETHING TERRIBLE IS AHEAD THAT CAN CURSE YOU. TURN BACK.”

I went ahead, it was like “CHANCE OF SOMETHING WORSE THAN DEATH: 38%!”

So I hit up this boss named BigHead, who kills me (which you get death XP for, hilariously) AND cursed me with a big head, which had some advantages, but I could no longer wear hats either. I asked in global for help, some guy teleported over (which took some time, so I just went to kill other things) and had a blast. Also crafting is fun AND simple.

Yeah, this is really great stuff.