Project Gotham Racing 3 - online play

I started playing PGR3 online last night for the first time. The way they’ve set it up is fantastic. Jumping on and getting into a race is really quick and easy. I’ve tried racing games online before and never had any fun due to everyone warping all around, but it’s been very smooth in PGR3 so far with only a little warping here and there. In fact, the only warping I saw was when everyone was ramming into each other and spinning out. I tried to avoid a pileup last night and going for what looked like an opening in the mess actually ran me right into a sideways car.

Which brings me to the main reason for this thread: Idiots. I’m sure some of it is due to people having poor connections and some is just plain ol’ bad driving, but almost every single race I participated in involved me having to deal with dirty drivers trying to ram me or spin me out by tapping me from behind. Not everyone was like this, but a surprisingly large number of them were. Actually, I guess it’s not all that surprising, but it’s still really aggrivating. If someone manages to spin me out at the start of the race, it’s pretty much guarranteed that I’m not going to catch up to the first place car. Most of the races were determined by who could avoid being smashed and get out ahead of the pack. Almost every one had the first one or two drivers finishing 10+ seconds ahead of everyone else because they all got taken out at the beginning.

I’m sure some people have no trouble with dirty racing. I mean, hey, you do what you can to win, right? I have no problem losing because someone’s a better, faster driver than me, but when most races come down to who can avoid the dum dums the best, it’s just not as fun. The clean races were a total blast, however. I just hope they continue to be enjoyable enough to offset the ones where I curse all humanity.

Also, does anyone not use the F50 in A class races? :P

You’ll find people ranting about bad players like that even with games like Forza and the ‘hardcore’ sims, so it’s not a problem unique to PGR3.

It’s unlikely to get much better unless games improve their ability to detect unsportsmanlike behaviour (which is hard), or let someone play the role of race director, which has its own set of potential abuses.

Other people are the reason why single player games will never die.

So are the people spinning you out winning the races, or are they just doing it to be assholes?

It sounds like you need some work on your friends list. I played PGR 2 almost exclusively with folks on my friends list. Public games are evil.

No, no one uses anything but the top car in each class. In my opinion, it’s one of the real weaknesses of the game.

No. The ones winning the races are the ones hopping out to first at the beginning instead of focusing on taking other cars out. I doubt they’re all doing it to be assholes, either. I’m sure some are, but I really think some people just have no idea that it’s not OK to do.

Actually, everyone in the 360 gamertags thread who accepted my friend invites are on my list. I just tend to play really late at night.

I don’t think a game like this can get away with having every car perform the same, which is really the only alternative to seeing everyone use only the top car in each class. And actually, as long as I don’t make any mistakes, I can keep up with the F50’s using the McLaren F1 LM. The F50 out accelerates it by a small amount, but I can handle it much better than I can the Ferrari. Plus, regardless of which car is considered the best, I’m not going to use it just because everyone else is. I’ll use it if it happens to be a car I like and can drive well, but luckily (or unluckily) for me, that’s not the F50.

Trying to find enough folks on this board to play a multiplayer game is probably folly unless 1) you play WoW or 2) set something up beforehand.

You’ll have to seed your friends list from the folks you actually race with. If you do it enough, you’ll find out who you’d like to race again. I should note that PGR 3’s system of racing complicates things a bit. Unfortunately, you can’t really race with friends and have the races count. This is really annoying.

That’s just not true. Forza, for example, had a great system that graded your car by inspecting your current upgrades. It wasn’t perfect - in public games, you still ran into the perfect “max” combination - but it worked much better, particularly with friends. There were lots of feasible combinations that made the racing a lot more interesting.

Yes, but, um, there are no upgrades in PGR3. :) If there were, then yeah, Forza’s system would work well. But PGR3 simply has a large list of supercars to choose to race with and some are just going to have better performance than others. And actually, I’m not sure if so many people use cars like the F50 because they’re actually the best or because they’ve seen good racers using it and assumed it was. It also pops up at the top of the list if you sort the A-class cars by “performance”, so I’m sure that’s it, too. But like I said, so far I’ve been competetive with a different car so it’s not like you’ll win for sure if you’re using the “best” car.

Just set up a night and a time and I’ll race with you if I’m available. Usually “available” means anytime after 9PM on weeknights and weekends. I really dig PGR3 but I’ve been playing Ridge Racer 6 lately.

I advise you to set this up soon because once GRAW hits, everyone on your Friends list will probably be playing that.

People are using the F50GT because it’s the best car. I can prove it to you when we race. The car has the best performance characteristics in Class A and in the hands of a skilled player, you can’t beat it with anything other than another F50GT and then it depends on who makes mistakes.

Fuzzy is right that it’s one of the failings of the game, but it’s one I can live with since the car that’s at the top rung in each class is a cool one to drive. :)

Also regarding people hitting you, that’s something all online racing games have a problem with simply becuase a lot of people try to win in the first corner. In a random game I’ll usually just verbalize the need for caution in the first corner right before the start. That helps more than you think. You just can’t be a prick about it. Most people apologize when they run me over or I realize I’m being a bonehead and just take my lumps. Corners have braking points and if you miss them (too soon or too late), you’re going to surprise the guys behind you.

Me too.

Didn’t see it posted elsewhere yet, but there’s an update out for the game. Adds 12 new cars and some modes and fixes to the online racing functions. It’s not free, of course, but 400 points for all that sounds good to me.

I think only the carpack costs money, the other stuff I thought was free and in an autoupdate.

And if you’re interested, looks like you can get the individual cars in the car pack for 60 points each, or the whole pack for 400 (saving 260).

Yeah, sorry, only the cars cost points. The update to the other stuff is free.

A solution I could think would solve this problem:
Damage models on the cars… and guns… lots of them.

I would always attempt to tap/spin the enemy cars out of control if it did not harm my own.
Favourite tactic would be to slam into them from the flank as they are slowing down to do a corner.

I play PGR3 late at night, feel free to add me (rjcc).

The new cars are pretty nice. If you want ot try them without paying, join a playtime game hosted by somone who bought them, if they select lock to host car, you’ll drive whatever they are driving.

whan I used to play Live for Speed alot, the ettiquette was if there was a pile up in the first cornor, you had a restart. Rinse and repeat as necessary, booting any repeating offenders.

And if anyone’s wondering, if you download one or any of the cars, once you’re in game they’re “free”, they don’t cost any of your Project Gotham winnings to purchase for your garages.

Do that in my hosted game and you get the boot.

The new autoupdate just released the other day adds some nice online features I’ve been waiting for. Like being able to see who is speaking (so you can more easily give people bad feedback on the post-race screen, or mark people as preferred players). Also, the person setting up a race in the Playtime mode has the option to force everyone to use the same class of car as them, or even the same specific model.

I also really like the way they handled the new car for-pay downloads. There are 12 cars available (I think one of them is free), and they’re 60 points each. So 75 cents. If you just want the “best” one, just buy that, and it’s cheap. Or you can buy the lot for 400 points, which is a pretty good discount. It’s a good way to handle for-pay content, giving players that option.

I loaned my copy to Loyd, though, so I haven’t been able to try it out yet.