Project Grey Company


So EA are launching an MMO. The ‘Project Grey’ is a codename - but it’s fantasy. The site’s quite nice - lots of inspirational art. Seems slightly odd to me that they’re launching an MMO and developing a community without actually telling us what the game is, but y’know. I’m just a stickler for that kind of detail.

One question: is this a licensed Lord of the Rings thing? I ask because that would be VERY interesting. Does anyone here have anything to spill?

I don’t think its an MMO. Sounds strangely familiar though – next gen RPG, open ended world, etc…

“Hey, guys, this Oblivion thing … sold really well, you know! Maybe we should try that?”

It’s not an MMO. The concept sounds like Morrowind/Oblivion, and the concept art (what there is of it) strongly suggests Lord of the Rings to these eyes. :)


Let me just say right now, and I think I speak for a great many people, that I would buy a well-executed Oblivion-style game set in Middle Earth. On the day of release. Twice.

If it’s not, then it’s the most shameless rip-off I’ve seen.

Haha. It’s not an MMO. You’re right. My brain is wired up all wrong.

I don’t know that it’ll be a Lord of the Rings RPG… but obviously the artwork is inspired by that world… so an Oblivion-like original property is my guess

Isn’t there a Grey Company in the LOTR mythos?"lord+of+the+rings"+"grey+company"

EA owns all the rights to LOTR now so I can’t imagine they’d do a separate RPG without using it. Looks like its the Third Age team so its probably LOTR.

Yeah, this is probably a monumental financial undertaking, and putting it in LOTR would help to guarantee a recoup of funds. It makes sense that it will be a LOTR game (but in my mind, a little disappointing).

Okay, I retract my statement. LOTR. doh. Maybe I’m just getting tired of prominent licenses… but I just think they limit games so much. Fight the same monsters you fought in BFME! See the same areas you saw in the movies!

From the art, it looks like we’ll get to see a populated Moria or other dwarf city, which I can’t imagine being anything other than awesome.

Sweet! Where do I sign up?



Bah! Go play the action-RPGs.

Looks good to me. Console only, or will there be a crappy PC port nine months later?

Oh, I’m so edgy and bitter I can’t even take it anymore.

If the graphics were brought down enough to allow the massive battles and epic events that are trademark of LoTR, and the combat system was given an overhaul, I would snap up this game.

also known as project “promise the same stuff in similar buzzwords but different trademarks and deliver only half of it”… lets hope they aren’t the same as Third Age’s team otherwise it’ll be as good of a copy of Oblivion’s features and gameplay as UFO: Aftermath is to X-Com or MOO3 is to MOO2. (OH YEAH I WENT THERE)

Ug, just watched the developer diary movies and I have to say it was kind of annoying how intentionally blury the shots of the concept art were.

Still looking interesting. Hopefully we’ll get to see some good sandbox RPG’s here in the near future.