Project Grey Company

agreed, but i notice how the Construction Set type ability to mod the game is conspicuously absent from their touted feature set… if Oblivion couldn’t be modded at all on the PC, would you like it as much? i don’t think i would, i mean its still good but its a little bit flawed…

I shelved it for at least six months. There should be some interesting 3rd party work by then and perhaps an expansion. Out of the box I really had issues with Oblivion.

So to your question… without the Construction Set I would have been unhappy.

That is very true. But, if it is an LOTR property, then I doubt they could make a decent construction set.

I’m just speculating out my ass here, but if it is in the LOTR universe, then a construction set could potentially allow people to make their own campaigns and quests. I’m guessing it could become a legal nightmare if they created a tool that allowed other people to create ‘fan-fiction’ that some could potentially confuse as canon.

The other obvious reason for LOTR is they can reuse a lot of models and textures from previous games. I’m betting that technology and more specifically, art asset reuse will become the norm in the next few years, more than ever before.

Anywhere you can do another game in a different genre using the same assets, you’d be crazy not to put it together and get it out there.

It’d be nice though if EA at least tried to do something original.


I’d buy it. Provided they didn’t fuck with the formula.

It’s amazing to me that they’ve let it languish for so long. It’s one of the properties EA actually owns and is unique under their roof and yet there hasn’t been a new game in years.

Get the Burnout teams to do the next Road Rash games and you’ve got me sold. Seems they have their heads wrapped firmly around the concept of a racing game that’s more about crashing and screwing up your opponents position in the race than anything else.

I’m a little curious as to how you set aside a game for six months that hasn’t been out that long… ::boggle::

Yeah! More remakes will solve the industry’s problems with originality!

The point was if they’re not going to bother doing something new, then bring back something old that they already own instead of feeding the Tolkein Estate!

I’d just like a motorcycle game where I can beat people up… people named “PE NUMBER 1” and such… oh, and what Dave said. I’d rather play the same old Road Rash than revisit the same old Middle Earth I’ve seen for the last four years (or whenever it was the franchise was revived)

Awesome! And if I don’t care about Road Rash V, can I still bitch about a lack of innovation in the industry?

Talk about the worst developer diary I’ve ever seen.

And yeah, it’s gotta be a LOTR RPG…

… as long as I get to detail how much your jawline makes you look more fem than Austin Scarlett from Project Runway, who by the way is created by this equation:

The website says this game is based on “story quests”… and I bet most of those will be separate $9.99 downloads. Just wait and see!

Yep! That’s your right as a gamer.