Project offset

If these 3 guys could pull this off I would be mighty impressed. This looks pretty damn good.

The Offset Engine is a complete platform for creating next generation games. Though it aims to be a top tier engine, OE is not just built with large developers in mind. Every aspect of the engine is designed around the goal of reducing development time and cost, while empowering designers and artists with the tools they need to create spectacular visual effects and immersive environments.

The Offset Engine uses a fully 64-bit floating point HDR rendering pipeline. This allows pixels to encode color values which are brighter than the displayable range of the monitor, enabling cinematic color precision. Effects such as motion blur, depth of field, and specular bloom are all possible with the engine’s post processing architecture.

The engine fully supports normal mapping technology, which allows source art comprised of millions of polygons to be reduced to just a few thousand polygons with no apparent loss of detail.

The Offset Engine’s advanced shader system allows artists to create elaborate effects without needing a programmer. Complex effects which might normally take a programmer several hours to create and debug can now be created by an artist in seconds.

Well, it’s a pretty engine, but putting something impressive on the screen is that little 5% tip 'o the iceburg when it comes to making an actual game. Dealing with AI and physics and collision detection and audio and game logic and player input, and getting all those things to work together in a way that’s even remotely fun (or just not broken!) is the heavy lifting.

And none of what they’re showing so far makes it look like they’ve hit on any of that yet. It looks like a tech demo (but a super cool one, at that).

While i do believe that what they’re showing is entirely realtime (unlike some people who think it’s pre-rendered like the PS3 tech demos), i don’t believe they’re showing actual gameplay. Judging from the rail-like movements of the ingame avatar, it’s probably just clever IGC work. Still, it is an impressive effort from 1 programmer and 2 artists. Even their sound effects are top notch.

It is funny to see how easily people are fooled by some things, though. For example on bluesnews some guy was impressed at the “physics” when the spiked morningstar ball from the ogre gets stuck in the rock. Except that wasn’t physics, it was all pre-animated and pre-configured to do that every single time. Amazing how well these tech demos do their job.

Still, it is an impressive effort from 1 programmer and 2 artists.

I think thats what I find the most impressive. I mean how many people worked on the unreal 3 engine?

speaking of u3, the editor screenshots little connecty boxes look similar to the ‘unreal 3’ or whatever the hell the engine is called editor.

Worst name ever. Did they just flip open a book and pick the first word they put their finger on?

Name sounds fine to me. What would have been a bad name choice would have been ‘project arsebiscuits’. - ‘“Project Offset” (working title)

The official name hasnt been decided yet.

There’s a new, brief, tech demo vid available on the project offest forums. Just showing a crowd of goblins with independent movements. Short and to the point but the tech for this game is still looking fantastic.

Certainly is … I just hope that they can make the leap from looking good to being good.


edit: blurg

I loved Savage and still play it occasionally, so I think Sam can make it good. I’m very much looking forward to this.

There’s one at the end that starts running on air, and his “floor” is the same level as the top of the other goblins’ heads.

I really like videos that show how great their engine is cause they can render “hundreds” of enemies.

Well, try that in a game world.

K, well, how about we have a little faith that, even if they can’t deliver hundreds of AI-driven enemies on-screen, they can deliver dozens? I’d be happy with that.

There’s plenty of games out there already who can do dozens. And on top of that, anyone who makes a next gen engine who can’t handle dozens, is doing something wrong.

First-person RPGs?

You can play WoW in first person.