Project Q - Sony's streaming handheld for PS5

That looks fragile.

Gonna keep an eye on this because I’m a sucker for new shinies but… not seeing the market for this with what little we know.

Exactly. And personally I’ll be surprised if this comes in at $200 which is the highest price I can see it being even considered an option. Unless it has some killer feature they haven’t mentioned but… they’d probably lead with that, you’d think?

Maybe I can pick one up a year on for pennies like the Vita TV.

TIL hall effect sensors were actually created decades ago, and so there shouldn’t be any patent on them anymore, so anyone can use them?

I’m just surprised that they went and made a Wii-U tablet copy.

The logic loop is something like

  1. We must make Switch → Steam Deck competitor. [yes / no]
  2. Make separate ecosystem device (Vita)? [yes / no]
  3. Make device that can play existing PS5 games? [yes / no]
  4. Make high powered device that can play PS5 games natively (Steam Deck?) [yes / no]
  5. Make low powered device that can play PS5 games through streaming? [yes / no]
  6. Make device for cloud gaming? [yes / no]
  7. Make device for streaming local games? [yes / no]

There’s probably some data that shows how many people are streaming PS5 games over wifi, and this lets them compete in the valuable ‘bathroom gaming’ demographic. Young people seem to prefer smaller screens to TVs in general i think, though about this I’m unsure.

The cool thing it might do is steam well when out of town. That would be interesting for me. I’ve take the Series S with me to hotels and it sucks because hotel TVs suck. OLED Switch is many times more valuable a travel gaming device because of that.

Wow that looks like it will be an epic fail. Clunky, fragile looking and limited functionality. Awesome. ;)

And probably expensive!

Yeah, a Dual Sense controller is $70. An 8 inch android tablet is $50. So I suppose this could be a floor of $120. But I bet it comes in higher.

My guess is 299 as they are insane. Because it totally has all the functionality of a switch. ;)

I’m guessing $299 as well. This is a company that charges $55 for a couple slabs of plastic.

I can see popularity with the “spouse/kids/siblings are using the big tv, but I can still play my PS5 games” crowd.

You can do that with your phone or laptop, sure, but having the controller there and ready for you is a plus.

Too bad it’s not OLED.

If it were an OLED it actually would be at least a little interesting. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but the Switch one looks so much better.

They’re insane if they charge more than $200 for this. A Backbone is functionally 90% of this for most people and it’s £100.

Let me rephrase that. They may well charge more than that for it, but they’re not going to sell many of them. Same as PSVR (and that’s objectively good value as a piece of hardware, unlike this).

This is the company that gave us the Vita, remember, so, yeah, this ain’t going anywhere.

I just looked up if my Vita can stream PS5 games like it can PS4 games, and yes, indeed it can. That’s good to know, if I ever get a PS5. Or use my Vita.

The Vita is just too small after coming from a Switch. It’s a shame it didn’t get more attention as it was certainly awesome for it’s time. The ridiculously expensive memory cards certainly didn’t help. Like dudes if they have more storage they will buy more things. So f’n short sighted.

The thumbsticks on the vita just sucked, too. I don’t know why, as the switch sticks seem like they’re similar in size, but controlling anything with the vita sticks always felt terrible by comparison to the switch.

One thing this new thing seems to have going for it at least, is full size controllers.

I’d venture to say the switch sticks kind of suck too. Better than the Vita, but not as good as a regular controller stick. I use the split pad pro and it’s way better than the default sticks.

Even at $200 it doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you really want the 8" screen or you really want the controller features. You could get a G Cloud for $250 that has a 7" 1080p, can stream PS5 and Xbox just fine, and can emulate up to a decent amount of Gamecube. Not to mention it’s Android based so you can play android games on it to, I’m guessing the Q will not be android based.