Project Q - Sony's streaming handheld for PS5

Even at $200 it doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you really want the 8" screen or you really want the controller features. You could get a G Cloud for $250 that has a 7" 1080p, can stream PS5 and Xbox just fine, and can emulate up to a decent amount of Gamecube. Not to mention it’s Android based so you can play android games on it to, I’m guessing the Q will not be android based.

Vita was designed in an era when people would shit their pants if they thought a portable wouldn’t fit in your skinny jeans pockets.

Turns out people now just want to play something in bed.

Seems like a device for an audience that doesn’t exist.

If this can’t stream cloud games, there is no point. That is the future they should be preparing for, rather than dragging their feet.

I mean it looks cool to me ;). But I also want a PSVR2… and I’d have one if I were younger.

I have a PS5 but don’t have any PSPlus or cloud streaming account. I’d like the capability to stream PS5 games when the TV is occupied or from some other room in the house. So I do see a use for it. For that matter, my kids loved Wii-U and used the tablet to stream games quite often.

It’s just that it looks odd, and quite fragile. Price will likely be bad too.

I’ll be interested if the price is right, and how quickly it lets me resume a game.

I know Remote Play works well on my Mac, but that involves opening the laptop, launching the app, pairing a game controller… I want instant gratification. :)

I mean, you can do that already, with a laptop, phone, steam deck, logitech gcloud, rog ally etc. And all of those do a lot of other things too.

That is my problem with it, it is doing something that other devices already other do, and those other devices aren’t locked into a playstation ecosystem. Unless they plan on making project Q a regular android device on top of just streaming from your own PS5.

Can’t you stream your PS5 to your PS4? I thought I heard you could do that.

You definitely can! I’ve done it a lot. It’s one of the reasons I keep my PS4 Pro around.

I don’t know of a way to stream games from my PS5 to another device. I don’t have a PS5 cloud account or subscription based PSPlus.

If Sony provides a free way to stream games from PS5 to any PC, it’d be awesome. I’ll check. I have a Steam Deck running Windows 11.

Wouldn’t you just use the remote play app?

PS Remote Play | Download the PS Remote Play app and stream PS5 and PS4 games to your device | PlayStation

I believe there is a better app to use to remote play on Android or ios though, can’t recall the name of it now.

This is the recommended app for android as it’s supposed to work better, not free though.

Plenty of options for remote play.

You only need a subscription for the cloud streaming, which is different from remote play.

Like I said, there is already a way to do what you are asking for.

The thing is: in 2023, the Vita is still one of the best handhelds. Full stop. I’m simply shocked by how good the hardware is, 12 years after launch. Natively, it can run PS1, PSP, and Vita games, and can stream PS3, PS4, and PS5 games. Hack it, and it can emulate everything up to the GBA as well, as well as countless high-profile Android games (like Bully, GTA: San Andreas, etc.) The battery life on this thing is mind blowing: you can keep it in sleep mode for a month, and the battery will only have dipped down 5%. And the OLED Vita is STILL one of the best displays for mobile gaming. It’s just an absolutely amazing device.

Ok thank you both. Yes I see Sony officially supports remote play on Windows PCs. I wasn’t aware of it.

Yes then Steam Deck or Asis ROG Ally both are much better for the job.

I’ll try setting up original Uncharted remote play on Steam Deck now! So I’ll have Epic, GoG, BattleNet, Steam, PC Gamepass, UConnect, EAPlay and now PS5 games on this one handheld.

Now on even more of a sidenote, to get ready for Diablo4, I am playing D2 Resurrected on Steam Deck. It works quite well with the controller.

No one criticized the Vita hardware really. It was just a very weird and unsuccessful product inn terms of the niche it was supposed to fill I think. I had two PSPs and loved the Vita as a device, but never could justify buying one.

The thing is, even if you picked one up on eBay today, my guess is you’d be extremely happy with it. Nothing so far suggests Project Q is on the Vita’s level, but based on how well designed Sony’s previous handhelds have been, part of me wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe there’s a missing piece of the picture here that will become clear closer to release.

Nah, I’d like it as a thing, but I gave away my PSP’s long ago, and would have no real use for it. Don’t have any games, don’t have a PlayStation, but I do have an iPad Pro. So I’m probably covered.

But your point is well-taken. Sony made a very nice piece of kit. It was sort of searching for a reason to be though.

Well, Vita was basically purpose built to be the ultimate Monster Hunter platform, and Capcom fucked Sony over by signing it as a 3DS exclusive, a platform so ill-suited for the series they had to release the god-awful frankenstick accessory.

Huh, didn’t know that. That’s really cool, though, as a historical note. Thanks for that!

Is it bad I’ve never played more than I think five minutes of any Monster Hunter game?

At least the Nintendo Switch is a much better mobile platform for Monster Hunter.

Though I play Rise on my Steam Deck.