Project Runway Season 8

So a new season of Project Runway starts tonight. I only know because I saw it while scrolling through the guide checking for things I should be recording. Thanks for promoting it Lifetime! Still, it’s a new season, it’s 90 minutes(!) each week, and I can’t wait to watch it.

I’ll be there. Always look forward to Heidi, Tim and crew to take the designers through their challenges!

What’s wrong with yer face?

Already? I’m project runwayed out, I think I’ll give this season a miss.

Wow. I didn’t think the winning look was really all that great at all. I pegged it on the runway as being a bottom one, or just barely passable.

Season 8? Wow, I watched the first three seasons. The first season was really something special. Second one was good, but not as good. Third was again not as good as the second. So on the fourth season I just stopped watching in the middle.

Did they at least retain the sleek production values and techno music and all the rest when they moved from Bravo to Lifetime? Or have there been changes in the show?