Project Stream


Feels a bit hitchy for 60fps. If they’re targeting that, they aren’t consistently making it.


It definitely not 60fps. I have both Project Stream and the actual PC versions on my system and there are image quality and speed differences. Nothing major, and certainly nothing that will bother most people, but framerate is noticeable. I can get 50-65 on the native version, and the Stream version looks like it tops out at 30fps.

The stream itself may be 60fps, but the game doesn’t look like it’s hitting that mark.


Yeah, I mean, I’m playing the game for free so I’m not complaining, but it would certainly look a lot nicer at 1440p and 120fps+, which my machine can certainly handle.

Basically it looks and plays like a console game, not a PC game. None of the PCMR bells and whistles.


The PrintScrn button should copy an image of the current screen to the clipboard. (If you use Alt-PrintScrn, it copies just the contents of the currently active window.) You should be able to open a drawing program (like Paint), paste the image in there, then save in your favorite image format.


As of the latest windows 10, you can hit winkey+shift+S to bring up a snipping tool, much like MacOS has had since forever.


Yeah, none of that worked. Photoshop, Paintshop Pro and even Paint showed empty clipboards. I also could not get the GeForce overlay to pop up, or get the GeForce screenshot method to trigger using the keyboard shortcut.

I could get the Windows Gamebar to come up and press the screenshot button, but those screens were just solid black.


Huh, that is strange.


Yup. That said, it’s no slouch for the pretty. Med with a couple High settings still looks gorgeous, especially when the whole thing is being streamed onto my crappy Chromebook. The tech is impressive.


Yeah, it’s attractive for a console game, for sure.


Plus, it’s very forgiving of lag. The combat mechanics are such that a couple extra milliseconds of lag here and there won’t screw you up. Google picked a winner for their test.


That’s one way of saying they’re kinda sloppy crap. But, yeah.


Well, yeah. Put a really precise game in there, like Monster Hunter World, Dark Souls, or any competitive game on it and I’m sure the testimonials would be different.


But let me counter by saying that even a non-precision action game, like Subnautica, is nearly unplayable on a Steam Link box. Steam Link only really works for slow-moving puzzle games or walking simulators or whatever. Odyssey would definitely not be playable with much noticeable lag. Google has done something impressive here. (I wonder if this depends on quality-of-service specification compliance over the whole link. Prioritizing a link for latency is orthogonal to prioritizing one for bandwidth and requires different routing protocols. The capability for this is built into the various packet telecom standards, but I understood a few years ago that compliance and implementation were spotty.)


It has always looked and felt like a consistent 60fps for me.


No, Steam link is very low latency. You’re probably trying it on a poor wifi connection or something.


That hasn’t been my experience using Steam Streaming - which I use a lot. Subnautica I played through a lot via streaming, same with Just Cause 3, actually. No problem. It is very susceptible to one’s home network, though, likely in a way that Google streaming isn’t. FEWER Less points of failure.



Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


I’ve played rocket league, Warframe, and many other actiony games with both steam link and just regular steam in home streaming, even with one or both ends on Wifi. Was fine for me and not really noticable most of the time.


Yeah. You probably don’t want to stream a fast game requiring precise controls like Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy, but Subnautica should be perfectly fine.


Does Project Stream work well over wifi?