Project Stream


I received a beta invite but they said my connection was to slow. I’m getting 102 MBS, 15 ms latency according to the speed test they link to. Any idea what else might be stopping me?


No, that should be fine. Weird.


I tried this out yesterday and it worked pretty well. It felt a little clunky but that was primarily due to using mouse/keyboard with a game that probably feels much better with a controller, i.e. not that different from the usual console port experience on a PC. The stream tech seemed fine, though as others have noted the graphics settings and framerate felt lower than what you might get on an up-to-date gaming rig.


I played through Origins almost entirely via Steamlink.


Throwing it in this thread too since not everyone follows bargains. Steam Link is dead. $2.50 right now on Steam and when they’re gone, they’re gone to homes and eBay.

They’re going to focus on the phone/tablet/TV app.


OMG THANK YOU! When I read this sad news last night, I saw they were still $50, and held out hope for another sale. Just got a second and third one, because they’re SO AWESOME.


Glad I could help! I’ve read that wired is the way to go via router of course. Would you concur? Is (fast) WiFi possible? Game dependent?


I’ve only used it wired, and even using my older potato of a PC, even fast games like the Lego games and Risk of Rain worked WONDERFULLY on the Link.


I use Steam Link wirelessly and it’s … pretty good. Not as good as Xbox Live over wireless, but definitely good enough to play. Maybe not for online competitive matches but then that’s not how I roll anyway.


Ordered 1, be fun to mess with on the 2nd tv in the house.


Wow, sold out already.


Game dependent, but certainly possible. I use it quite a lot.


I got one a few minutes ago. I guess I barely made it. I’m not even sure I want one, but that price was too good.



I got a key yesterday and just spent an hour playing this. Only the second AC game I’ve ever played (I tried the first one and got super bored). This was fun though! And it worked great!


Yep, emails went out for those who tested it apparently, very nice of them!


So ummm what did everyone spend their 1000 helix credits on?

Its apparently use em or lose em after Jan 15th.


Ohhhhhhhh, I need to make sure I played for an hour!


Spend them on the 50% experience bonus. Many reviews said the game is really meant to be played this way.


I’ve heard many say the opposite. You outlevel everything so quick the game gets boring.