Project Stream


Monster levels scale up with you, so that should not happen unless you’re a completionist and do everything.


That’s complete nonsense.


I also bought the 50% XP boost, but felt it wasn’t particularly good. Since everything in the game scales, all it does it make you replace or upgrade your equipment more often. I switched it off and the game feels exactly the same.


I googled a bit and ended up choosing the map pack for 900 and a set of sails for 100.


I remembered I had signed up for, and been accepted into, this test so I tried it out the last couple of nights because why not, free game. First of all, man is controlling a third person game like this with mouse + keyboard weird. Second, I was really impressed with how it ran - I would never have guessed this was streaming if I hadn’t known going in.


Buy an XBox controller, already! You can get a wired one from Amazon for $20, almost every game is already configured for them, and they just work. I even plugged mine into my cheapo Chromebook to play Odyssey over Project Stream. Worked like a charm.


Oh, I have one. Two, actually. Just wanted to see how the other half live. With weird, gnarly, arthritic fingers, evidently.


Damn, I wish I could sign up for Project Stream but they won’t let me from France.


1 week left to make sure you play at least 1 hour for your free copy of the game. :)


Sadly, I never got in. I figured they were probably done letting new people in once they announced they were going to give everyone a free game.


Ah sad to hear, if its any consolation, the game will probably near the $20 mark next time there is a sale.


Has anyone gotten their free copy of the game?






I messed up and didn’t read the thing properly, so I don’t think they’ll be any free Kassandra time for me. I hope they give me my save though.


Wait, you played less than 1 hour?


Between the relevant dates, I don’t think I played at all.


Did Google ever give a concrete date for when we’d get the free game? It was just “you’ll hear from us after Jan 15th”, right?


Checking in, anyone get Odyssey for free yet?


Yup, totally got mine, just keeping it a TOTAL SECRET.